Kreayshawn Net Worth

Who is Kreayshawn and what is her net worth 2018? The ‘Gucci Gucci’ singer is an American singer, rapper and music video director. Not only does she like producing beats but also has a keen eye for creative direction, and has directed several music videos including her first video ‘Gucci Gucci’. In 2011, she was included in a list of most influential white rappers by Business Insider, which also listed Eminem and Mac Miller in the list with her. She can currently be seen hosting ‘Kreaydio’ on Dash Radio. She released her studio album in 2012 titled ‘Something Bout Kreay’.

Natassia Gail Zolot was born in 1989 on 24th September, in California, USA and later relocated to East Oakland. She was born to Elka Zolot, who is a former member of ‘The Trashwoman’ a San Francisco based garage punk band.

Kreayshawn Net Worth 2018-2019

Since the age of 10, when she received her first video camera, she has been obsessed with documenting herself. She used to record her raps, daily life and made random films about herself.

She has a son named Desmond, who was born in 2013.

Education : When she was 13, she joined Met West High School, which was an alternative kind of School, which focused on practical knowledge, by enrolling students in internship rather than teaching subjects in the classroom. Later she enrolled in Oakland High School to get a typical schooling experience, but was expelled for constantly ditching her classes.

Following this, she joined Alameda High School, just to get expelled for threatening to hit someone with a watermelon. In order to complete her sophomore year she joined Island High, which is a continuation school. While she was in the school, she straight up bunked her classes for weeks. During this period her school got relocated; and when she returned she was unable to find it, thus ended up discontinuing it.

Career: She released ‘Kitty x Choppas’ her debut mix tape in 2010, which was her music video debut with ‘Bumping Bumping’. Later she released ‘Gucci Gucci’ her first single, which turned out to be the stepping stone for her career, as it became a viral hit. This also helped her earn a contract with Columbia Records. She was ranked 34 in Billboard 2011 list of Social 50 chart numbers.

She also joined a hip hop group called ‘White Girl Mob (WGM)’. This group included Lil Debbie and V-Nasty. Due to several disputes, they decided to break the band in 2012. Despite the separation, all the band members came together in Kreayshawn’s ‘Go Hard’ video.

She released her first album in 2013 which was titled as ‘Something Bout Kreay’, this also received positive response from fans and critics.

Kreayshawn Net Worth

She is signed with Columbia Records and is known for her distinct rapping style. All of her documentation during her childhood helped her in learning true creating elements of directions in her career. The net worth of this American rapper is estimated to be worth $400 thousand. Her song ‘Gucci Gucci’ was a huge viral hit, which was directed by her while she was still unsigned. The song has over 23 million views on YouTube.

Apart from her singing career she is also an active music video director in the industry who is making hundreds of dollars through it.

In 2011, she made headlines because of her feud with Rick Ross, whom she mocked by calling him “Fake”. Although she did retract from her words at the moment, she continued to pass negative comments against Ross. This paranoid Rick resulted him in threatening Kreayshawn and her manager.

Later the same years, her Twitter account was hacked and her nudes were leaked on the internet. She claims that those photos were taken a long time back, when she was underage.

In 2015, IRS emptied her bank account over unpaid taxes which were running due in the rapper’s name. Later she claimed the whole thing a fraud which was caused by her accountant whom she accused of robbing her.

The ‘Gucci Gucci’ singer is definitely a treasure to preserve for the music Industry and we sure hope to see more of her music as well as directions.