Kid Ink Net Worth

Kid Ink, originally named as Brian Todd Collins is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. This California born rapper started as a producer at the age of 16. In year 2012, with his independent studio album “Up & Away”, he tasted the success at full swing. His debut album smashed iTunes records by debuting in the Top 5 of the Hip-hop albums chart, prior to release and made a swift entry in Billboard Top 200.

The head to toe tattooed music sensation is into the industry of entertainment since 2005. Kid Ink, has a massive fan following, mostly teenager across the globe. Kid Ink cruises past all the borders. He has conquered all the success in such young age. He is the future of Music. He has collaborated with Sean “Diddy” Combs. With such collaborations, Kid Ink made us to raise our eyebrows about his Net Worth, How much Kid ink owns? What is Kid ink’s Net Worth?

Kid Ink Net Worth 2017-2018

As of 2017, Kid Ink owns a whooping sum of $3 Million US dollars, with a house of worth $3.5 million and Aventador sport car of value &150,000. Such a huge bank balance at the age of 31, isn’t a matter of astonishment? How did he make his money and wealth? For the answer, let’s have a closer look of some more facts.

Kid Ink was born on April 1, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by his mother. He has two step brothers, two step sisters and one elder brother. Her mother named him Brian Todd Collins. Kid Ink is the stage name, owing to around 100 tattoos all over the body. He started to ink his body at the early age of 16. He developed his interest toward music during school. As a teenager, he used to attend after school music classes. He used to write his owns nodes and beats. AS he was raised by a single parents, after high school he worked a number of jobs to support her mother.

Kid Ink is engaged to his long –time girlfriend Asiah Azante, who is fitness modal. Together they became proud parents of a daughter named Aisilin Parvansh on February 2016.

He was passionate about music since childhood. Swizz Beats and Pharrel Williams are his inspirations. He started rapping full-time in year 2008. With his first mix tape “World Tour” grabbed him a deal with “The Alumni Group Label” in the year 2010. Year 2012, with his debut album “UP & Away” was a milestone in his career. It was a major hit across the globe which sold around 20,000 copies with in the first week and earned $3 million. In 2013 he signed RCA label, with “Alone Home”. It too was a major success. His beat selling album to date is “My Own”, released on January 7, 2014. It was on number three at Billboard 200 record chart and certified platinum twice by the RIAA. With “My Own” he was now a well-known name internationally. In year 205, he came out with his another album “Summer in the Winter”. It sold around 16,000 copies. Apart from his albums, he has recorded many single with artist like Jeremih and Spice, Chainz, Ty Dolla sign. He has made appearance in a music based TV show “From the bottom 2 The Top” in 2016.

He was nominated with MTV Europe Music Awards in year 2014.

Kid Ink Net worth and Income Profile

As of today Kid Ink Net Worth is $3 million US dollars in 2017. The major portion of his earnings comes from his rapping and albums. Apart from that he has his own clothing line with a name of “The Alumni”. His stage performance also adds his bank balance.

Kid Ink is a role model of every teenager. He has showed to the world that if you have the desire and dedication than you can taste success against all odds.