Kap G Net Worth 2018

Who is Kap G and what is his net worth 2018? Kap G whose real name is George Ramirez was born on July 31st, 1994. He kept his stage name as Kap G and went out to become a Mexican-American rapper. He is originally from College Park Georgia in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

This artist has collaborated with many big-name artists like Chief Keef, Jeezy, Kirko Bandz, T.I and many more. His first single album titled “Tatted Like Amigos” which was a collaboration with Chicago rapper Chief Keef. This helped him with the mainstream attention from his audiences. Post that he began remixing other artists’ albums which attracted Dungeon Family A&R Representative Mr Kawan Prather. It is said that Kawan discovered Kap and signed a deal with him and Atlantic.

Kap G Net Worth

Kap’s songs mainly features the Mexican culture and uses two languages switching between English and Spanish languages. At the heart of his lyrics one can find the story of Kap’s experience as becoming the first-generation Mexican-American who grew up in College Park which was predominantly black neighbourhood in Atlanta.

His music albums throw light on different plights like vibrating realities of undocumented immigrants that were profiled by police. This is because these immigrants included his relatives as well. One of his song titled “F-ck La Policia” touches the issues of racial profiling which is experienced by many Mexicans daily.

He similarly made gripping cuts from his debut mix tape Like a Mexican which includes “Tatted Like Amigos” that featured the famous artist Wiz Khalifa, “Working Like A Mexican,” “Cocaina” which featured Fabulous and “Jose Got Them Tacos” which featured Young Jeezy. This bagged him lot of popularity from his young fans.

In 2016, Kap released his album “Girlfriend” which went out to be one of the biggest hits of 2016. Kap G also plays the role of Fidel in the movie DOPE. He was provided an acting coach to train him for this role. The movie starred stars such as Rakim Mayers, Blake Anderson, and Bruce Beatty.

Early Life

Being born in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Kap’s family migrated from Mexico. He completed his graduation from the Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta. In one of his interviews he shared that living in a predominantly black neighbourhood city of Atlanta, he faced day to day challenges.

Many a times while he attended school, the kids looked at him in a way that he was different. He always believed to live on his own terms and not pretend to be like anyone. In one of his interviews he stated that Mexican immigrants have a strong work ethic as they came up with nothing and take whatever is given to them.

He has four brothers and one sister and he claims that his childhood days were crazy. His brother Juan acts as his manager and helps him to get into rap and always strive to achieve the next level. His parents at first were not happy with him to go for a music career. They wanted him to take the normal route like go to college and then get a job. However, once he convinced them they were very supportive of him.

He loves to listen to Kendrick [Lamar], Drake, Pac, Jay who are rappers from the South. He has also worked with Pharrell and learned to be faithful and believe in yourself attitude from him. While not working with he studies the work of Pharrell by watching him do things with other artists

Net Worth of Kap G

Kap G has a net worth of $350 thousands under him. He has earned mainly from his music albums and collaboration with other artists and producers. He has more than 47 thousand followers in his twitter accounts and is very famous amongst the younger generation of America.

Kap G is said to be a rare breed of rapper. He is 6 feet tall and slender and his talent of story-telling through his music albums helped him earn a deal with Atlantic Records in the year 2011. It is said that he carries a machete in his mouth and the powerful words sends the right message to his audiences.