Juvenile Net Worth

AJuvenile is the famous stage name of a rapper and the one who is an associate of famous hip hop group entitled as The Hot Boys. The career of this rapper got start in year 1995, when he was of age 17. He launched his debut album entitled as Being Myself in year 1995. The celebrity got successful through launch of his year 1999 single entitled “Back That Thang Up”. Net worth of Juvenile is grossed mainly from his career as rapper, get more details below:

Initially, Juvenile started recording his raps during early 1990s. Out of it, one among his early recordings was presented on DJ Jimi’s year 1991 release entitled “It’s Jimi”. The particular songs entitled “Bounce For the Juvenile” was actually a small local based hit and assisted promote “bounce music,” recognized as a latest rap style coming out from New Orleans.

Juvenile Net Worth 2017-2018

His debut based album entitled Being Myself, was launched in year 1995 after he sang along with Warlock Records. The corresponding album did not attain high national consideration and it did not actually chart, however did quite good on a local level. After getting local success of his debut album, he contracted to the greater Cash Money Records.

Also, in year 1997, Solja Rags, identified as his debut album done with Cash Money Records, was launched. It turned out to be successful among local rap audiences, as well as perceived few national achievements as it placed on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs named chart. In the same year, he teamed up with Hot Boys with Cash Money rappers namely Turk, B.G., and Lil Wayne. The group launched its debut album in form of a group, entitled Get It How U Live!.

His next album entitled 400 Degreez, was launched in year 1998. This was actually his breakout to national rap based scene. Presently, the Cash Money label had combined distribution done by Universal Records, offering music more national upgradation. This with more critically acclaimed music let Juvenile to become a mainstream celeb.

The corresponding album’s leading single entitled “Ha” and later “Back That Azz Up” turned out to be successful songs, making position on Billboard Hot 100 as well as Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs named chart. Driven by two such singles, 400 Degreez was ultimately certified as 4X platinum by RIAA.

Apart from this, in year 1998, benefiting from off his popularity off 400 Degreez, one remixed edition of Being Myself as well as Solja Rags’ reissue were launched. The next Hot Boys group based album entitled as Guerrilla Warfare too became successful, and certified Platinum. Across the following few years, Juvenile launched two additional solo albums made for Cash Money: Tha G-Code in year 1999 certified as Double Platinum, and Project English in year 2001, certified as Platinum.

Both these albums each were quite successful because both of them attained place in top 10 of Billboard Hot 200, however they did not compete success of 400 Degreez. In year 2005, it is revealed that he contracted a latest deal with Atlantic Records and too a distinct label deal done for his UTP Records inscription. Basically, UTP Records is known as label which was began by Juve with his manager named Aubrey Francis, and elder brother named Corey.

How much is Juvenile Net worth in 2017

Juvenile is mainly recognized as a rapper and producer having net worth of $3 million US dollars as of 2017. In year 2003, he came back to Cash Money Records for releasing his album entitled “Juve The Great”, covering the song entitled “Slow Motion” which ranked at Billboard Chart 100 in August of 2004. Moreover, he is one among the originators of famous rap group the Hot Boys. He attained fame in the era of 1990s by release of his single entitled “Back that Thang Up”.

Juvenile is among very few American based rappers who started journey towards the career during his teenage as he started working at age of 17. His albums attained prominent place in Billboard chart, adding to fame.