JME Net Worth 2019

Who is JME and what is his net worth 2019? One very popular MC in the English music scene has to be JME who is actually named Jaime Adenuga. Jaime is known for his contribution to the grime style of music. He also has a naturally funny way of MC’ing which makes for a quite funny style of rapping. He has his own label which makes him quite the entrepreneur and he has quite the fan base in European countries apart from England.

Early Life

Jaime Adenuga was born on 4th May 1985 in Hackney, London. He was born into a family which was originally from Nigeria. His family later moved to Tottenham, North London. In Tottenham, he lived in a council house along with his brother Skepta before going to school. The first school he went to was St. Paul’s School but he later transferred to Winchmore School in Winchmore, Enfield to study along with Skepta who was his elder brother.

JME Net Worth

After high school, Jaime went to the University of Greenwich where he studied 3D digital design as he was very interested in visual representation and figured that he could make a career out of it. He passed with First Class honours from the University.


From a very young age, Jaime showed a clear aptitude for music and started rapping when he was in school. During this time he developed his one of a kind comedic style of rapping. After graduating in 3D design, Jaime decided to give his musical skills a test and started his career by producing on mobile phone ringtones.

It was at this time that he realised that he was good in music production as well. After mobile ringtones, Jaime moved to games and agencies and produced themes for them. They included big names like Mario Paint and Fruity Loops. He did all of this music production on Pro Tools and Logic Studio.

Jaime fancies himself as quite the entrepreneur as he owns his own record company ‘Boy Better Know’. He also owns a chain of T-shirts all of which advertise his record company, himself and his now dormant nightclub, Straight outta Bethnal. He co- owns his T-shirt chain along with Up Town records. Jaime released his debut album which was titled ‘Famous?’ with his own record label and fulfilling his dream of releasing an album using his own record label.

Jaime’s second album was titled Blam! which had a mix of recent songs he had released a year previous to the album.

Being quite the entrepreneur Jaime also wanted to cash in on the surge of smartphone users and very recently released a mobile phone app for his record company which is called “Boy Better Know Mobile” Jaime is also quite popularly known for being a teetotaller and a vegan which destroys the stereotype that MC’s always abuse drugs and alcohol in their songs.

Net Worth of JME

JME net worth is more then $6.5 million. He has achieved leaps and bounds in the industry all with an offbeat style of music which is grime. He calculated his growth and took risks that included opening his own record label. Where others would have been hesitant, JME took the risk and it definitely paid off. This is obviously evident from JME’s high net worth.

Starting his own brand helped propel his income and having a t-shirt chain helped also. After the release of his mobile app which supported his own record label, it was clear that JME had a superb entrepreneurial spirit that helped him bring in the millions.

JME is definitely an inspiration to aspiring MC’s and rappers. He is also an example to naysayers who feel it isn’t possible to make a career out of music. Jaime proves that having the right skill set goes a long way in helping you have an astounding net worth as well. It is also important to invest in new fans in a proper way to make money. Jaime is also an example of unique rappers as he incorporates comedy into his rapping as well!