Jessica Dime Net Worth 2018

Who is Jessica Dime and what is her net worth 2018? You may not have heard about Jessica Dime; or by her more familiar stage name- Dimepiece; before she appeared on season 4 of Love and Hip hop on VH1. Jessica is a Tennessee girl who started out her career as a stripper working at a gentleman’s club but she later widened her portfolio making a career out of professional music and dancing. She is very well known for her curves and is quite a beautiful glamour model as well!

Early Life

Jessica was born on January 27, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. If one wanted to analyse the rapping scene and music industry in America, they would find a lot of rappers from the Memphis area. Her mother was an English teacher and that led to a reading habit and an urge to write from a very young age. Jessica wanted to follow her mother’s footsteps and complete a minor in English so she could work on a book.

Jessica Dime Net Worth

This, however, did not go for Jessica as planned. After finishing high school, Jessica enrolled in the University of Memphis but she quit after a year to go to a college of her liking. So she transferred to Lemyowne- Owen college. Here, she completed her business administration degree and was simultaneously working on an English degree. She wanted to write a book but she ended up following her heart and started writing lyrics for songs.


There were a lot of circumstances that led her to quit her studies and take up dancing at clubs. Once she decided that she wanted to dance at a gentleman’s club, she chose to move to Miami, Florida as the nightclub scene in Florida is very famous. Jessica started work at the King of Diamonds club which is notorious of boosting the popularity of its dancers and Jessica was no exception. She danced at the club and rose up in the ranks because of her sexy curves and her beautiful body.

As her popularity started increasing she became a well-known figure in the Miami nightclub scene and was soon earning up to $10,000 a week! This helped her enjoy her life the way she wanted to and make money at the same time. Jessica’s first big break was when she appeared on season 4 of Love and Hip-Hop, Atlanta. This is a very intriguing and dramatic reality series and Jessica’s popularity as a stripper made her an apt choice for the show. It also helped that she was friends with almost all of the show’s previous stars. They were all colleagues at the King of Diamonds and very close to Jessica.

During her stint on the reality show, she made sure that her position was not affected all the while keeping its 3 million viewers entertained. Jessica’s stellar performance made the producers cast her in season 5 of the show as well. In season 5, she keeps the drama hot by tusles with fellow cast members and this ensures a fat paycheck for her. She uses this to her advantage and charges up to $10,000 for a show at the nightclub scene.

Net Worth of Jessica Dime

Jessica’s stage name is Dimepiece and it is very accurate as she is rolling in money right now from all her varied business ventures. Jessica earns through various sources which help in having a high net worth. In 2013, she signed a deal with Flo Rida’s management company but it did not go down well. As a result, she left the label citing personal reasons. Her net worth currently is around $600 thousand but it is predicted to rise sharply what with her getting a salary of almost $12,000 an episode for the reality series ‘Love and Hip Hop’.

Jessica also has revenue coming in from her music tracks and collaborations with other rappers. As she is a popular stripper and a model, she often gets jobs as glamour modelling as well.

Jessica’s first venture into the music field was with the release of her single ‘Disrespectful’ in 2015. She followed this up with releasing another single called ‘Panda/queenin’ on YouTube. Jessica in an interview said that she wanted to go back to college and finish her education. Well, i am sure that with so much fame and popularity, it will soon be a dream come true for her as she no longer has to worry about supporting herself financially.