Jelly Roll Net Worth 2018

Who is Jelly Roll and what is his net worth 2018? Living a very simple life in Nashville Tennessee, Jason DeFord has never thought that he would get the name – Jelly Roll. But his passion for music and madness for the stage brought him here. However, the story does not end here. There is a lot more to learn about this country rapper and hence, let us starts with his early background.

Early Life

Now Jelly Roll then Jason DeFord was born in Nashville in 1986 which is a beautiful town in Tennessee. He had his identity as Jason DeFord until his mother named him as Jelly Roll. But this mamma’s boy did not have all the good time and at the age of 14, he ended up in the jail.

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Unfortunately, it was the last time he visited the jail; he kept returning over and over due different of reasons, some of them being the drug possession, etc. But he did not let himself go with the flow and he made music as his therapy. He practiced, preached and admired music so that he could beat the tough situations he had. And finally, there came a star – the Jelly Roll.


The ultimate recognition he got was in 2010 when he collaborated for Pop another Pill will Lil Wyte. This album became a huge success on YouTube, and this man became a superstar. He then released other numbers of mixtapes and embarked the journey a popular Rapper. His some of the other mixtapes were Whiteboy series and Therapeutic Music. These were then followed by his solo studio album The Big Sal Story. This came in 2012 followed by much other collaboration.

The miracle happens and Jelly Roll is the biggest example of such miracles. In the starting of his career, in 2005, he started collaborating with stars like Lil Wyte and Haystack. He joined the group of Lil Wyte and BPZ and worked on Year Round. This was one of his biggest collaboration as this album was produced by the DJ Paul and Juicy J.

But as this was the early time of his career, he never looked back. He then debuted it his solo album The Big Sal Story in 2012, followed by the next biggest announcement of 2013- a mixtape with Weed, Whiskey, & Waffle House. But this announcement did not work well for him as he negatively drawn the attention of legal department of restaurant’s chain. This whole dispute ran a little long accompanied by a cease-and-desist letter from the restaurant and online nasty comments by Jelly Roll.

Although, this dispute could not hamper his next big release the Loser in 2014. He brought this solo session following EP Whiskey Sessions with David Jeffries and Rovi. With all his release, he kept on hitting the different positions on Billboard charting.

Net Worth of Jelly Roll

The total net worth of this popular rapper from Tennessee is $1 million. This estimation could reach the newest peak in coming years as Jelly Roll is not going to stop at all. His new releases will fetch him more and more in the coming years.

Jelly Roll is a rapper and his main business model is investing in the music industry. He actually does not seem to invest his pennies and efforts anywhere and hence, his only business model will be producing music, composing music and selling them to the world to earn name and fame, which he almost has.

Despite being imprisoned for certain bad behaviours and wrong activities, Jelly Roll also has a big dispute marked on his name – the dispute between him and the Waffle House. This dispute took a major size when he blabbered wrong about the Waffle House online.

Jelly Roll is truly a star as he grew up difficulties having a successful career in what he preached. He learned to fight with his difficulties and turned into a man he is now. Despite an impeccable singer, he is an impeccable human too. The biggest example is the dispute with Waffle House- He still loves to eat there as he loves the menu over there.