Jay Electronica Net Worth

Who is Jay Electronica and what is his net worth 2018? The USA is a liberal country in many ways. However, you can face discrimination in the US as well if you belong to the Southern part of the country. Many people have been the target of boos and insults. Jay Electronica, an American hip-hop artist is also one of such victims.

Born on 19 September 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jay Electronica has a unique record as a singer. He became a famous singer without having a single commercial release to his credit. His popularity has been exclusively through word of mouth and the Internet. His real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford.

Jay Electronica Net Worth 2018-2019

Belonging to an area more famous for having the highest crime rates in the country, Jay is fortunate not to have many links with criminals. The Hurricane Katrina flooded the entire area forcing people to relocate elsewhere. Hence, Jay had to move out as well. His uncle was the inspiration behind his growing interest in music. He started rapping after listening to his uncle rhyme. At around 19 years of age, Jay ventured towards the north in search of a music career.

Literally living a nomadic life in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, and New York, he started searching for opportunities to display his rapping skills. He faced ridicule everywhere because of his heavy Southern accent. However, he found some solace in Detroit where he caught up with a local friend, Johnnie last. They met producer Mike ‘Chav’ Chavarria who subsequently introduced them to J Dilla and Mr. Porter. He started his career here with his Style Wars-era music and J Dilla beats.

One of his first pieces of music that garnered prominence is the ‘Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)’. This is an excellent piece with the first fifteen minutes comprising of pure music alone. There are five segments to this piece including raps by Jay and some dialogues as well. This piece announced the arrival of jay as an enigmatic singer.

By 2010, he had yet to release a full-length album of his own. He had released a couple of his singles that were confirmed hits. He thus has the unique record of becoming famous without releasing a single album.

His music earned the appreciation of other singers such as Jay-Z, etc. Jay-Z announced he has signed Jay Electronica with his Roc nation. That was quite an achievement. This was a beginning of a fruitful partnership. Jay has also released a song with LaTonya Givens.

On the personal front, Jay Electronica had a couple of affairs with celebrities such as Ben Goldsmith’s wife, Kate Rothschild. He married Erykah Badu. They had a child, born in 2009.

Education: Jay Electronica grew up in a city known for its highest crime rate in the country. In addition, the Hurricane Katrina flattened the entire city of New Orleans. This made Jay venture towards the North to pursue his musical interests. There is no information about his educational qualifications anywhere on the internet.

Jay Electronica Net Worth

The net worth of Jay Electronica is $2.4 million. Considering that he is active on the scene since 2007, we can take this income as correct.

Jay Electronica had a unique style of producing music. He has impressed a personality no less than Jay-Z. They have combined on a couple of occasions such as Roc nation.

Jay Electronica maintains the unique record of becoming famous without releasing a single album. By the way, he had sung many singles. This makes him unique. He has attained this popularity by word of mouth and through the Internet and social media.

Jay Electronica had to endure great pain in his early days. He belonged to the Southern part of the country and spoke with a heavy Southern accent. This made him the object of ridicule everywhere he went. He managed to overcome this discrimination and emerged as one of the successful hip-hop artists in the country.