J Stalin Net Worth 2018

Who is J Stalin and what is his net worth 2018? The USA is a liberal country. There is no doubt about it. Many people in the US have their ideals in Russia, once a stark enemy of the US. However, the US does not mind at all. One such example is that Jovan Smith, the American rapper. Born on 25 January 1983, Jovan Smith loves to refer to himself as J Stalin. He is an ardent fan of Joseph Stalin. Jovan states that both he and Stalin share a couple of things. One is the height actor or you can call it the lack of it. The other factor is the attitude. Both of them have smashing attitudes. The comparison ends there.

Early Life

Born in a poor family in West Oakland, CA, J Stalin had to sell candies in the local trains to make two ends meet. Naturally, you can see such people coming under the influence of drugs. It is a wonder that such people do not have money to eat but find the same to consume drugs. Jokes apart, J Stalin has also peddled in drugs for which he has spent about eleven months on parole.

J Stalin Net Worth

You cannot put the entire blame on J Stalin because he came from an area steeped in crime. Somehow, you find the rappers having some connection with crime at some point in their lives. It is an amazing coincidence.


J Stalin used to rap songs even while he was young. As he grew older, he ventured to turn professional. His first brush with success was when a local studio owner DJ Daryl placed him on a track he was recording. J Stalin’s voice and singing skills managed to impress Richie Rich, a colleague of Daryl. Hence, he put him on three tracks in his 2002 album Nixon Pryor Roundtree. He placed Stalin on two more tracks of Rich’s group, Replacement Killers.

Stalin has since worked with artists such as G-Stack, Beeda Weeda, Keak Da Sneak, and San Quinn, etc. By the year-end of 2006, he had released around seven mixtapes. He had four releases lined up for 2007 as well.

Stalin is the President of the group own Thizzness. He owns Livewire Records as well. He has a special group of rappers, Livewire Da Gang of which he is the main singer. This group provides opportunities to upcoming singers from the poor neighbourhoods in North Oakland and other places. He has provided an opportunity for many of the underprivileged people in his neighbourhood such as Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Stevie Joe, etc.

Some of his famous albums include, ‘On Behalf of the Streets’, ‘Gas Nation’, ‘On Behalf of the Streets 2’, etc. He has done many music videos as well.

Education: J Stalin came from a very poor family. They struggled to have a decent upbringing. In fact, J Stalin had to sell candies on trains to augment the family income. Under such circumstances, he did not get any decent education at all.

Net Worth of J Stalin

J Stalin’s net worth is $1.5 million. This could be an approximate figure. Since he is on the music scene since 2002, you can take this figure as correct.

J Stalin had some talent. He had a good voice. One day, a studio owner heard him rapping some songs and offered him a platform to shine. J Stalin has never looked back since then.

He went from strength to strength releasing singles, albums, mixtapes, as well as musical videos. He managed to form his own group, Livewire Da Gang where he offered opportunities to poor singers from his neighbourhood.

The best part about J Stalin is that he is no longer involved in criminal activities. Maybe, he has learned his lesson. It could also be that he is now busy and has something to do. He is very much active on the music scene. He has the good intention to promote talented singers from his locality.

J Stalin has reformed completely. It is a good sign that he did not continue with his criminal activities. He had a tough life as a child. He has managed to overcome this tough period. Now, he can look back at his life journey with great satisfaction in his eyes.