J. Diggs Net Worth 2019

Who is J. Diggs and what is his net worth 2019? American rapper J. Diggs is in the business of music as rapper since 1995. He was born on July 10, 1970, Vallejo in California. J. Diggs is true Bay Area individual who grew up with his parents in the deep rooted culture atmosphere in Vallejo’s Country Club Crest vicinity which has rich music culture.

J. Diggs’ life is said to have been even better and bigger had he been on with the flow of life. In his native town, he was a known face of the local community who frequently appeared local television. During his days as California musician, he started off as group performer in groups which earned him prizes on occasions. Little do people know that his real name is Jamal David Diggs.

J. Diggs Net Worth

Diggs has particularised west coast hip hop and hyphy genre besides traditional hip hop. Hyphy music which originates in the Bay Area has made its return once again in the early 2010 but J. Diggs can safely be termed as an artist who has been constant in this fast paced genre’s scene. In a departure of trends set over the years, the Californian rapper has very few associated acts with bands to his credit. They are Dubee, Mac Dre and Yukmouth.

J. Diggs has been one of the most controversial figures of the hip hop circuit since his debut as he has been involved in several serious confrontations with the law enforcement agencies time and again. Almost 22 years in the industry, J Diggs has released a total of eleven albums since his debut with “Both Sides of the Gate”. The last of them are 2014 releases like Soul of a Gangsta, No Brakes etc.

Net Worth of J. Diggs

Apart from being rapper with 22 years of exposure in the industry, J. Diggs has also rose to the ranks of co CEO for Thizz Entertainment, an independent record label found by Mac Dre in 1996. Hence the releases of all his albums in these years have been taken care of by Thizz Entertainment. This puts J. Diggs total estimated net worth is $800 thousand. No wonder, the record label has proved as stickler for growth of Hyphy movement music which might have struggled gain ground in national scene. J. Diggs took over the responsibility of managing the company with greater gumption after the tragic death of Mac Dre who was shot dead on May 1, 2004.

J. Diggs seems to have made as much of his fame with infamy as he has with his torch bearer image for hyphy music. The track record for J. Diggs as civilian is far from being civil. His notoriety dates back to the time when he was just 19 when he was arrested for hatching plans to rob a bank in Fresno, California with his friends Mac Dre and Kilo Curt.

The Thizz Entertainment co CEO was charged in assault case and murder in Hawaii wherein he had three other members of his company as accomplice in the complaint filed.

Almost within a year, another law-in made news. This time the “Doin it movin it” hit maker was arrested on charges of drug related activities on felony warrant in the Hawaii region.

Controversies, it seems has never been too far from Jamal Diggs on quite a few occasions; even in his professional sphere. Few reports have recorded the incident of his feud with fellow rapper J. Kwon in 2005. The news has never had any resurgence but nevertheless the focus was on J. Diggs for a brief period of time.