Isaiah Rashad Net Worth 2019

Who is Isaiah Rashad and what is his net worth 2019? Usually associated with Kendrick Lamar, Black Hippy crew and more, Isaiah Rashad was on his way to becoming a preacher until the release of his stepbrother’s OutKast’s ATliens album spurred him to take on rapping as his passion. Rashad comes from Chattanooga, Tennessee and as a school boy ditched classes to record his rap albums. He eventually broke into the rapping scene with his debut album Cilvia: Demo which amazingly enough made it to Number 40 on the Billboard 200 charts and climbed to No 17 in the charts with time.


The Debut album was created by Isaiah Rashad when he was going through a lot of personal and professional strife and struggles. Isaiah Rashad had his father leave him at the age of 3, with his hairdresser mother taking care of him throughout his childhood. He attended the Middle Tennessee State University for a short while, and simultaneously recording at different studios.

Isaiah Rashad Net Worth

His musical career has seen many highs and noteworthy points throughout his professional life. September 2016 saw his debut studio album “The Sun Tirade” see the light of day bringing him even more recognition in his line of work. He is known to have a son from his marriage in 2013.

Isaiah is something of what people call an overnight sensation, with him gaining widespread recognition in less than a year. He has signed with Top Dawg Entertainment or TDE even before a full album was recorded. TDE has signed major talent ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Jay Rock and Ab-soul. In his album Cilvia, he has thrilled his audience with songs such as “ I Shot You Down “ and “Ronnie Drake”.

His newly started career involves working as an American Hip-Hop artist, singer, record producer and songwriter. He has toured with famous rappers such as Juicy J, Joey Badass and more.

Net Worth of Isaiah Rashad

Being as new as he is on the American Hip Hop scene, his net worth is relatively lesser as compared to most other well-known celebrities with a total net worth of $300 thousand from singing, song writing and record producing. By touring he keeps his revenue stream dynamic and diverse. He also fans the flame of his music’s passion in his audience’s hearts by doing such tours and recording new albums from time to time with famous names in American Hip-Hop.

Isaiah Rashad is a relatively new music artist who is both young and promising. He has channelled his personal and professional strife into his work to produce great works of musical art. He has a great amount momentum in his current state as a musician and hip Hop artist. His focus is on music which inspires people of his race to stand up against racism and rise against oppression in all its forms. We can conclude by saying that he is a name to watch out for, in the American Hip-Hop scene. With many more rapping hits on the way, Rashad is the rapper of tomorrow.