Irv Gotti Net Worth 2019

Who is Irv Gotti and what is his net worth 2019? Until now, you had heard about the involvement of rappers in street crime such as muggings, shootings, drug peddling, etc. Have you heard of the hip-hop rapper involved in the white-collar crimes like money laundering? These rappers can excel in such crimes as well. Irv Gotti is one such American hip-hop and R&B producer.

Early Life

The youngest of eight children to his parents, Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. aka Irv Gotti was born on 26 June 1970. He is of mixed descent, a combination of Afro-American and Dominican. Born in Queens, New York, Irv is undoubtedly a handsome person. Even as a child, he was very striking to look.

Irv Gotti Net Worth


Founder of The Inc record label along with his brother, Chris, Irv Gotti had a successful musical career. Originally known as Murder Inc, they renamed the company as The Inc after facing some legal troubles.

Irv has been a successful producer having produced songs for artists such as Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and Vanessa Carlton. Active on the scene since the first half of the 1990’s, he has produced many singles such as ‘What’s my Name’, Hola Hola, and others.

Coming back to the crime angle, Irv Gotti and his brother Chris got involved in a money laundering case when they allegedly helped New York City drug kingpin, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff siphon out more than $ 1 million in drug money through their company, Murder Inc. They surrendered before the enforcement authorities on 25 January 2005 stating somebody had framed them. The court released them on furnishing a bail bond of $1 million.

The case was quite strong. However, the courts acquitted the brothers on 02 December 2005. Therefore, they came out unscathed from the charges, but the stains remain. This incident prompted them to change the name of their company from murder Inc to The Inc.

Coming to his personal life, Irv Gotti has a stable relationship with his wife, Debbie Lorenzo for a long time. They have three children, named Sonny, JJ, and Angie.

Irv Gotti is more of a successful record producer than a singer. Having founded The Inc record label along with his brother Chris, this company has produced many records featuring stars such as Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and Vanessa.

Originally, they had named their company as Murder Inc. However, after a legal tangle from which they escaped by the skin of their teeth, the brothers renamed the company as The Inc. This company is still in existence and producing their quota of singles. However, in 2009, he had announced that they were leaving Universal Studios.

The legal tangle literally shook him from his roots. Even though the courts have exonerated him as well as his brother, the scars remain. Whenever people speak of Irv Gotti, his association with the drug lord, Kenneth McGriff always crops up. Maybe, he will have to live with this stigma throughout his life.

Net Worth of Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti has a net worth of around $70 million. He has had a successful career as a singer as well as a record producer. The latter named profession is responsible for his net worth today. He has been a source of inspiration to many including the model Nicki Minaj. She has admitted that Irv Gotti is responsible for her commercial becoming a hit.

Irv Gotti has worked with many stars such as Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, etc. He has produced many of their albums. Hence, you can state that he has been instrumental in the rise of these stars as well. In spite of the legal tangle, Irv Gotti is a popular hip-hop star in the US.