Immortal Technique Net Worth

Immortal Technique is the famous stage name of an American based hip hop recording kind of artist as well as an activist. Majority of the lyrics emphasize on debatable issues in international politics. Moreover, his lyrics are essentially commentary on concerns like socialism, politics, class struggle, religion, poverty, imperialism, government, economics and institutional racism. Net worth of Immortal Technique is high in millions, which you just cannot expect, get more details below:

Immortal Technique Biography

Recognized by original name-Coronel is basically Peruvian and he was born in military hospital located in Lima. Basically, he is of customarily Amerindian origin, though he too possesses French, Spanish, and African origin. His family settled to Harlem, located in New York in year 1980. In his adolescent years, this artist was detained numerous times due in share to the things he actually stated was childish and selfish behaviour.

Immortal Technique Net Worth 2017-2018

Enhancing his rapping skills while in jail, and incapable to get better wage paying job after the release, he started exporting music by him on streets of New York as well as struggling with MCs. This were combined with his wins in several freestyle rap based competitions of New York underground based hip hop scene like Braggin Rites and Rocksteady Anniversary, directed to his status as a fierce Battle MC.

In year 2001, Immortal Technique launched his leading album entitled as Revolutionary Vol. 1 in absence of support of distribution or record label. As an alternative, it was done by applying revenue grossed from rap battle wins. Moreover, he too also fought however misplaced to Posta Boy in 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday. Revolutionary Vol. 1 too involved the underground classic entitled as Dance With The Devil. In year 2002, this was recorded by The Source inside its “Unsigned Hype” based column, emphasizing artists which are actually not contracted to record label.

The next year, in year 2003, he attained the sought-after “Hip Hop Quotable” inside The Source for one song entitled as “Industrial Revolution”, derived from second album by him. Moreover, he is the only rapper prevalent in history to possess a “Hip Hop Quotable” when he was unsigned. He also launched his next album -Revolutionary Vol. 2 in year 2003.

In period from years 2005 till 2007, this artist started working on The Middle Passage as well as The 3rd World. These are the two albums which would work as a follow up for album- Revolutionary Vol. 2 as well as finish the series. Moreover, he was too presented on many film soundtracks as well as video game based soundtracks, while traveling persistently.

During summer of 2005, it demonstrated launch of “Bin Laden”, recognized as a vinyl single 12″ presenting DJ Green Lantern and Mos Def. This single too included a rehash of the song presented on Chuck D of Public Enemy as well as KRS-One.

This artist presented in Ice-T’s based documentary entitled as Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap. One documentary revolving around him was launched in year 2011 as well as ran at Harlem Film Festival. This was launched on DVD back in year 2012. This artist made appearance playing as himself in one docudrama film entitled as This Revolution, recorded in year 2004 Republican National Convention inside New York. This tape includes protests round resolution in the method of a documentary.

How much is Immortal Technique Net worth in 2017

Immortal Technique is chiefly renowned as a rapper as well as an urban activist having net worth of $3 million US dollars as of 2017. He attained a status as a fantastic Battle MC, as well as started retailing his music right on the street. Also, he was contracted by Viper Records back in year 2004 as well as he has worked for launching 2 latest albums.

If you are looking for a rapper who performs on lyrics based on issues in international politics then Immortal Technique is one among them. He has been contracted by numerous bands and has released many albums as well as singles.