ILoveMakonnen Net Worth

Who is ILoveMakonnen and what is his net worth 2018? Makonnen Sheran is an American rapper, actor, and singer was born on 12th April 1989, in Los Angeles, California. While he was 13, his family moved to Atlanta. He belongs to the background of mixed race, possessing – white, Asian, black and Indian legacy. He was born to a working woman and his father was an immigrant from Belize. Though by occupation his mother was a nail instructor yet she has also worked in beautifying business for more than three decades.

He was not the first in his family who was born with such obnoxious and virtuous talent. A report suggests that Makonnen’s musical career was influenced by his grandmother’s astounding and formidable tone. She was an influential opera singer with an extraordinary voice. This particular aspect introduced a new prospect in Makonnen Sheran’s career that fetched him the taste of fame and popularity.

ILoveMakonnen Net Worth 2018-2019

Career: Makonnen started his career in a conventional way. Primarily he started composing and uploading songs to MySpace. There he met several other rising stars like Adele. He also used to maintain a blog that comprises of posts related to the interviews of other renowned musicians like Soulja Boy Tell’em and Lil B.

His just started career received a mighty pause when he was home arrested due to an uncertain, ambiguous and erratic incident. He was accused of murdering his friend during some sort of party. Later Makonnen came in contact with Atlanta producer, Mike Will Made It and a precise but professional relationship followed between them. However, due to Mike’s busy schedule, it didn’t last long.

In 2014, Makonnen along with Mike Will Made It, visited DTP studios where he was presented in front of an associate producer, Metro Boomin. Metro was impressed with Makonnen’s performance and they recorded few songs together. Boomin asked Makonnen to be in touch with him. Many of them served Makonnen as stairs to put him up on such a stature. Later that year, Boomin took Makonnen to famous producers like Sony Digital and 808 Mafia. They too were spellbound with Sheran’s performance.

His music career was marked with the release of “Don’t Sell Molly No More” under Sony Digital production. He was introduced to other producers like Dun Deal, Cam onda Beat, and Dj Spinz. He started procuring local attention, contemplation, and fame via songs like “Sneaky Lady”, “My New Friend” and “Living on the Southside”. Makonnen was also featured on Mike’s mixtape, “Ransom”. In the month of July of that very year, Makonnen released an extended play by the name of “iLoveMakonnen”. Miley Cyrus shared it on Instagram, and that very post received a huge amount of “likes” and “comments”.

This fetched him the tremendous amount of popularity and his fan following increased to a substantial amount. His song “Whip It” was listed in Staff Picks of Vice magazine following a remarkable comment that – “Makonnen’s voice is incredible!”. It was reported that he signed a contract with OVO Sound being distributed by Warner Bros. Records. On November 20th, 2015 – he released “iLoveMakonnen 2” under the label of OVO Sound, Warner Bros.

List of mixtapes released by him are as follows – “3D (2011)”, “4G (2011)”, “5 (2010)”, “6 (2011)”, “Holiday Special (2011)”, “LTE (2012)”, “A Trillion Light Years (2012)”, “Drink More Water (2012)”, “Drink More Water 2 (2013)”, “Drink More Water 3 (2104)”, “3 Suns (2013)”, “Drink More Water 4 (2014)”, “Drink More Water 5 (2015)”, “Drink More Water 6 (2016)”, “Whip it Up (2015)”, “Red Trap Dragon (2016)”.

List of singles released by him are as follows – “Tuesday (2014)”, “Sellin (2016)”, “Side to Side (2016)”. As a featured artist he only released a single album as “I Like Tuh” in 2015. The list of albums in which he appeared as guest are as follows –

“Nokia”, “Look at Wrist”, “Day2Day” (remix), “I Understand”, “Friends MayBe”, “Syrup in My Soda”, “Swerve”, in the year 2014.

“H.O.M.E”, “Interviews”, “TrUe Thang”, “Slaughter Ya Daughter”, “Take it Easy”, “All Black Hummers”, “Favorite Record”, in the year 2015.

“How Else”, “Who Be Lovin’ Me”, “Why Don’t U”, “Party on ME”, “Take it Easy”, “Cash Cash”, “Forever”, “Coming Soon”, “Lit”, “My Boy Band ‘Extortion”, “Thru It All (Remix)”, “I’ll Be Damned”, in the year 2016.

ILoveMakonnen Net Worth

ILoveMakonnen has a net worth of $3.5 million. In the year of 2016, it was $3,000,000. This vast and massive sum is the fruitful result of his long devotion. His career has gone through several hindrances. Many would have lost after being struck by such hefty blow but Sheran stayed focused and his devotion fetched him such a stature. All these fame, popularity, stardom, acclamation, infamy and recognition are hard earned.

Primarily the industry received a lot of reaction when Makonnen came out as gay. But due to the immense support of his fan and followers, it didn’t take any obnoxious turn. All were being accepted well. As a matter of fact, it was found that Makonnen greeting his fans and followers for supporting and holding up his spirit during that session.

Makonnen is an entertainer. He is been entertaining the audiences with his superb rapping, acting and singing skills. He has become an inspiration for every young rap lovers. In such a young age he has managed to successfully established himself in Hollywood. He has done many hit songs and raps in his career.