IceJJFish Net Worth 2018

Who is IceJJFish and what is his net worth 2018? Daniel McLoyd, professionally known as Icejjfish, was born on 30 July 1994, in Aurora, Illinois. He is a well-known rapper, dancer, hip hop and R&B singer. He entrenched himself through different social medias such as YouTube and Vine. He became popular as a bad rapper and singer and is often compared to an American Idol contestant, William Hung who acquired instant fame for being a dreadful singer.

McLoyd was in search of a sturdy and burly career – the career has to be based on the Music. From teenage, he was pretty much active on social networking sites. He used to upload musical videos on youtube to grab certain attention just like most of us. He uploaded his first video on 20th December 2011, that featured the cover of the hip-hop track “Back That Ass Up”. Later on 27th of that very month, he uploaded his second video based on rapping genre under the title of “Higher Than An Airplane”. On 11th January 2012, McLoyd put on a video titled as “The Best Singer Ever To Live” – this very song consists of tremendous vocal works accompanied by the glare of obnoxious virtues.

IceJJFish Net Worth

A few days later a similar type was being uploaded under the name of “The Most Talented Singer Ever”. On 18th November 2013, Daniel uploaded a cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. Soon the video managed to acquire 5,55,000 views and innumerable comments. On 3rd December, Daniel lofted a Facebook page named – “The Famous Ice JJ Fish”. This particular page acquired 25,600 likes within a pretty short span. On 6th January 2014 – he uploaded a music video of “No Topping Up” on YouTube. It was the first official video of the channel named – “IceJJFish”.

Some albums by him – Joy (2013), miracle (2014), what time it is (2016)

Mixtapes – For my hataz (2014), criminal mind (2014)…

Appearance – “I Just Bought A Bugatti (I’m Happy)” in the year 2014.

Some Songs by Icejjfish – “What time it is(2016)”, “Love you long time (2016)”, “All I Want Is You (2016)”, “Don’t mind me 2016”, “Suppose to be (2016)”, “You heard me (2016)”, “Same page (2016)”, “On the floor (2013)”.

The song “On the floor (2013)” by Icejjfish went viral on the YouTube. It is one of the most viewed songs of him. The song has managed to grab 55 million views on the internet. People have mix reviewed the song. Some people have shown anger on the video by commenting it completely ridiculous, some people have raised questions about his voice and some have taken it as a funny song.

The song is being produced by and the song features Thatraw’s promotional model Karen Vi. Karen thinks that there is nothing bad about the song, she said in an interview that she feels Icejjfish is trying to produce laughter with his voice in the song and people can just enjoy the funny song. People might be thinking that the song is hilarious and so his voice is but Karen thinks that Icejjfish is grabbing the attention of viewers by his act and that’s what is most important.

Net Worth of IceJJFish

Daniel became famed under his stage name, ‘Icejjfish’. his net worth currently reaches to $400 thousand. He has earned his success through publicising his songs on various social media accounts and eventually started creating his own songs and music.

He makes his money from his career. In other words, his income is a career based income. The entire property is the result of his soul devotion towards his career. He has no other business other than making and releasing songs of his own.

Icejjfish was making headlines in these days when a rumour of his personal life went viral on social media. The news claimed Icejjfish is a gay in his personal life. The news made his fans disheartened, especially the female fans who dreamt of dating him one day. Later on, Icejjfish claimed that it is a rumour and his social media accounts were being hacked. The hacked posted on Icejjfish’s Instagram account posted that “ I am gay but I m happy. I have a boyfriend and he has treated me better than any female has”.

Icejjfish has set up a signature mark for those who dreamt of becoming something from nothing. This young idol is surprisingly able to win over the network crowd in a very short interval. Owing to his hard work and definiteness, he has literally earned this amount of fame. He has set up a respective stature for himself. His quality is unpredictable and unputdownable. A few in a million is born with such bizarre, astonishing, astounding and idiosyncratic vocal.