Hurricane Chris Net Worth 2018

Who is Hurricane Chris and what is his net worth 2018? Hurricane Chris is well known worldwide as an American vocalist and producer. He raps in an extremely quick way and this trait drove him to step onto the stage. One of his attention-grabbing and initial releases ‘Louisi-Animal in 2007’ led him to be recognised by J Records. This release was trailed by an autonomous album with ‘Records of Rap-A-Lot’. His debut album for studio named ‘51/50 Ratchet’ was on air in 2007. The reason for his popularity was ‘A Bay Bay’, that was proved to be as his commercial debut. Within the 1st week of this release, 25000+ copies were sold out.

Early Life

Christopher Dooley, Jr., well-recognised as Hurricane Chris (stage name) was born on February 27, 1989, in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has two brothers, one sister, one step-sister, and two stepbrothers. He joined Huntington High School, but, his passion for getting popularity as a rapper, led him to be dropped out of the high school. He got his nickname ‘Hurricane’ because of his tendency to rap in an amazingly fast manner. At the time of his first debut, he was merely 17 years of age.

Hurricane Chris Net Worth

Hurricane Chris was in a relationship with Shay Johnson in 2008, which has come to an end now. Most of his personal life is not known to the public.

Hurricane Chris achieved marvellous success through his first single commercial debut ‘A Bay Bay’. Producer of this well-known song was Phunk Dawg. It was released at the end of 2000. His 2nd single was publicised from the album, named as The Hand Clap, on August 8, 2007. This too was produced by Phunk Dawg. Chris’ first full mixtape ‘Louisi-Animal’ aired on August 17, 2007. His debut album was released on October 23, 2007. This album was called the ‘51/50 Ratchet’. On the US Billboard 200, this debut was ranked 24 because of the jaw-dropping sale of 26 thousand copies in the 1st week of its release. His next album, Unleashed, released in 2009 but proved to be a flop. Though, it was ranked # 20 on the chart of rap albums.

Net Worth of Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris is one of the most talented and arising rappers. His 3rd album named as ‘Showtime’, is about to release. It has been assumed that Chris is going to get a partnership with “Ted Lucas’ Slip ‘N’ Slide Records” and “Sean Combs’ Ciroc Entertainment”. In order to promote his forthcoming album, Chris created a mixtape named as ‘Caniac’. In 2014, Chris released another single, called the ‘Ratchet’ creator of which was an American DJ and producer of record Dijon McFarlane. Hurricane Chris has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand.

Hurricane Chris, being one of the youngest artists of America has proven himself a big hit and leading rapper. He has earned a big name and is popular among the young generation because of his crazy style and hip-hop genre. Chris is idealised by many people for making a strong recognition at a very young age.