Hoodie Allen Net Worth 2019

Who is Hoodie Allen and what is his net worth 2019? Steven Adam Markowitz who is famous as Hoodie Allen was born on 19th of August in the year 1988 in Long Island , New York , United States. He was raised in Jewish household with his brother Daniel . Hoodie was interested in music since childhood as when he was a kid he used to write lyrics and perform rap for his friends parties.

Though , pursuing his music career , he never left his studies behind. Hoodie used to work in google after his graduation along with pursuing his music career , writing songs and building fan followers. But after some time it became difficult for him to pursue his both jobs as he used to perform on live shows so he left his job in google for pursuing his passion .

Hoodie Allen Net Worth


At the starting of his career , Hoodie used to perform with his friend Samuel Obey . Their first release was EP Bagels and a mixtape Making Waves. After good response of Making Waves , they also released a mixtape Pep Belly . Hoodie success start to grow in the year 2011 when he released his third mixtape Leap Year. This mixtape made hoodie crack Top 10 Billboards Uncharted Territory and made hi No.2 on Billboards Uncharted Territory . This was a big success for Hoodie.

In 2012, Hoodie released All American EP which raised Hoodie to stardom by making its place as No. 1 on the iTunes charts and No.10 on Billboard’s Top Albums.

In October 2014, Hoodie released his debut studio album titled as People Keep Talking. The album was very successful so he released his second album titled as Happy Camper.

In his personal Life , Hoodie was dating Taryn Elyssa Levenshtein for five years but the couple broke up in 2015. After which Hoodie was not seen with any girl seems like he is single .

Education: Markowitz first attended The Long Island High School in South Huntigton and later attended Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview. After this school , he attended University of Pennsylvania for a degree in marketing and finance. After graduating in 2010, he worked in Google as an AdWords associate in their Standardised AdWords Reseller Training (START) program . Hoodie left his job later to pursue his music passion .

Net Worth of Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen got his stardom late but still he has a net worth of $1 million which is growing rapidly thanks to his talent and diligence . Like other , Hoodie is also paid for sponsorships , ads , endorsement, featuring and so on . He has an annual income around $94,118 and other income around $20,915 . His famous albums like All American and Americoustic has also added in his net worth .

Some notable songs of Hoodie Allen are You’re Not A Robot which was released in 2010 , No Interruption which was released in 2012 , All About It which was released in 2014 , Dumb For You which was released in 2014 , No Faith In Brooklyn which was released in 2012 , Two Lips which was released in 2013 , Cake Boy which was released in 2013 , Champagne and Pools which was released in 2016 , Feel The Love which was released in 2012 , The Chase Is On which was released in 2011 , Hey Now which was released in 2012 and Fame is for Assholes which was released in 2013 .

Hoodie Allen is on tour with Blackbear and Super Duper Kyle to support his album Happy Camper . Happy Camper has hit no. 1 on both the Rap Albums and Independent albums charts. Hoodie also stays in news for his immense love towards his fans as he never miss any opportunity to stay connected with his fans , maybe this is the reason why people love him so much and his day by day increasing fan following .

Hoodie Allen is an American rapper who has won millions of hearts through his magical voice. He is a well educated person other than being a rapper as he used to work in google before stardom. He is also a kind hearted person who loves his fans a lot and always tries to connect with them .