Haystak Net Worth

Who is Haystak and what is his net worth 2018? Jason Winfree who is famous as Haystack was born on 22nd of march in the year 1973 in Lebanon, Tennessee , United States to teenage parents. Haystack was raised by his grandparents. Haystack . Haystack was in crimes since teenage. When he of 15, he bought cocaine and valium in school for which he was arrested and convicted for two years. After releasing he began his music career and his first rap was about his own life titled as White Trash.

In 1990, he signed a local rap label known as Street Flavor. With Street Flavor, in 1998 he launched his debut album Mak million and then he sung car fulla white boys. This song kick started haystack’s career and he got attention of label Koch Records , who signed him and re-released car fulla white boys in 2000 . Haystack released his third album titled as The Natural with Koch Records in 2002.

Haystak Net Worth 2018-2019

Later in 2010 , Haystack released his solo album Easy 2 through Haystack, Inc. In 2011, He has collaborated with JellyRoll on his album Strictly Business. This album was a big hit so it’s sequel was also released in 2013 titled as Business As Usual .

Haystack did not had a major support from any label but still his songs had more than 30 million hits on youtube due to his songs like All By Myself , Nashville , Bonnie and Clyde and My First Day which made listeners connected to him as he portrayed the depiction of opiate withdrawal in his songs. Other than rap music, Haystack has also worked in documentary White Boyz Can’t Rap and the film Hustle & Flow.

In his personal life , Haystack is married and he has two children. Haystack is also a registered sex offender as he had many rape charges on him and he was also sent to probation several times. Haystack still has many charges pending on him .

Haystack’s last album was in 2016 which was entitled as Still Standing. Haystack is also a big critic and hater of Eminem.

Haystak Net Worth

Haystack is an american rapper who has a net worth of about $450 thousand. His famous songs like Car Fulla White Boyz and Strictly Business has contributed a lot in his net worth. During his career , Haystack released 22 albums and many mixtapes. Other than rap singing , he has also worked in many documentaries and films like Hustle & Flow which have definitely contributed in his net worth .

Some notable songs of haystack are Dirty Dirty which was released in 2002 , All By Myself which was released in 2005 , My First Day which was released in 2004 , Life which was released in 2006 , white boy which was released in 2002 , Hard to Love which was released in 2008 , Let’s Ride which was released in 2007 , Slave me which was released in 1998 , The Collector which was released in 1998 , An object I can’t control which was released in 1998 and So what which was released in 2010 .

American rapper Haystack is mostly known for an intensive discography which he has created in his active years. He is a very talented rapper who had got fame despite the oppositions of whites in the south. Though , he is a great artist still the accusations he has in his personal life are demeaning his image but still he has a huge fan following cause people connect themselves with his songs.