Gunplay Net Worth 2019

Who is Gunplay and what is his net worth 2019? With the stage name as Gunplay, Richard Morales Jr. was born on 18 July 1979. He is an American rapper and hip-hopper who was born and brought up at El Paso, Texas, United States. He is also commonly known as Don Rogan between his friends. Being surrounded by a number of controversies like robbing and drugs addiction, he proves himself to be a great stage performer. He didn’t manage to work well in his personal life the reason why he got divorced in the year 2008. However, the couple had a son from their marriage who now lives with his mother.

Early Life

Gunplay himself was raised by his Jamaican mother in Carol City situated in South Florida. But getting involved with wrong people at the wrong time he started using drugs when he was just 16 years old. Apart from using it, he also got into the business of selling coccian.

Gunplay Net Worth

He used to spend around $600-700 on his addiction in the initial days and later when he got the work and started earning quite good he used to spend thousands of bucks over the drugs. It is been assumed that his bad habits and his addictions were the reason for the separation with his wife that lead the couple to break their marriage and get divorced.


38 years old American rapper Gunplay started his musical career when he came across with Rick Ross who was also a native of Carol City. They share the same interest in music and especially in rapping. Being in the same thought line, Gunplay and Rick Ross along with rappers Torch and Young Breed created a group and named it as Triple C’s which stand for Carol City Cartel. In the year 2009, Triple C’s came out with their debut album Custom Cars and Cycles. The album got a huge success and got 44th position on the US Billboard 200 which was one great start for the group. Later in the same year, Gunplay made his first solo debut on Rick Ross track ‘Gunplay’. It got featured on his album ‘Deeper than Rap’.

He also keeps on appearing on some of the featured tracks on collaborative albums. He released numerous mixtapes under Maybach Music Groups too. One of his mixtapes ‘601 & Snort’ attained quite good appreciation from everyone and was listed in the top ten best albums of 2012. In the same year, he signed a solo album with Def Jam. He also worked with Pharrell Willimas for his music album. He made guest appearances in several albums the one of which was ‘Cartoon & Cereal’ with Kendrick Lamar in the year 2012 that get much praise from his fans and got the privilege to be among the best 50 songs of 2012.

In the following year 2013, his another mixtape ‘Cops and Robbers’ got released in January. His debut album also got the change in name from Medellin to Living Legend in the same year by Gunplay himself. Gunplay describes his debut album as a real street album. After working for so many years in his first ever studio album, it got released in the year 2015 on May 19. It featured YG and the production was by DJ Mustard with the help of Def Jam. While working with Maybach Music Group he is on the verge of releasing the fourth collaborative album, Self Made 4.

Gunplay got the allegations for doing an armed robbery for which he got arrested on October 10, 2012. The act that took place in Miami tax business got him into another controversy of his life that lead him to come under the headlines everywhere. He was put under house arrest after he was accused of putting a gun on his accountant. The result of which he had to face house arrest for a few months.

Later during January 2013, he was released from the house arrest. Apart from the house arrest he also had to pay $150,000 bond for the accusations of the robbery. Later when on February 2013 his court trials began for the armed robbery and assault to his accountant, his cases were both got resolved and dropped off as the victim refused to cooperate with the authorities. Even the persecution of the armed robbery case got dismissed as the charges were taken aback against Gunplay.

Other than his legal issues that keep on peeping out every now and then, his drug addiction and the huge amount he used to spend on it always make the controversial news. Along with this, his comments on the Swastika tattoo that he had got also put him under the eye of critics. His remarks and abusive language towards the Nazis and Hitler goes viral through media and social networking sites.

Gunplay also came in the news when in the year 2012 at BET Hip Hop Awards he got a fist fight with a few members of another hit hip hoppers group 50 Cent’s G-unit at the back of the stage.

Net Worth of Gunplay

Gunplay with his music career has managed to attain the total net worth of $1.3 million. Although his debut studio album was released in the year 2015, he has done work with some of the great artists that lead him to get the work one after the other. With the musical career of around 7-8 years, he managed to get a decent position in the industry of course apart from his controversies. Although earning quite well, he used to spend a huge amount on drugs.

6.2 feet tall Miami rapper, Gunplay has got a number of allegations, accusations and charges of being offensive and undisciplined at many places. Although controversies seem to be a part of Gunplay’s life, his fan followers always support him at every stage.

Be it one unsuccessful marriage or his legal issues, Gunplay still stands with the head held high to give his rocking performance every year. No wonder the way he is doing in his career he has a lot in store for his fans in the coming future. “If you’re scared, don’t let nobody else know’ his famous saying holds true with the acts he used to do.