Ghostface Killah Net Worth

Who is Ghostface Killah and what is his net worth 2018? Ghostface Killah is a rapper and member of the group Wu-Tang Clan from America. After the group achieved success, the members of the group went to pursue the solo career to verify the level of success. Killah is also the founder of the label Starks Enterprise.

Dennis Coles is better known by his stage name Ghostface Killah was born on 9 may 1970. His stage name is inspired by the kung fu film Mystery of Chessboxing. Killah spent his childhood in poverty. When he was six years old, his father left the family. Killah faced the hard living during his childhood. In 1996 he got to know that he is diabetic and it severely weakened his health. Until he was diagnosed with diabetes Killah was thinking that he is infected by some sexually transmitted disease. He was losing weight rapidly.

Ghostface Killah Net Worth 2018-2019

Killah is the father of one daughter and three sons. One of his sons played Killah as a child in the video All I Got Is You. The rapper is converted to Islam from Christianity.

Ghostface Killah has debuted in the Enter the Wa-Tang album in 1993. The Album was critically acclaimed. Killah also helped to bring other seven members of the group Wu-Tang Clan. They all worked together and produced all the releases by Wu-Tang Clan. As the member of the group Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface earned critical acclaims and huge fan following. As a part of the group, he became very successful.

After the success of the group, all the members decided to pursue a solo career. In 1996 Killah was debuted in the solo album Ironman. His debuted album was critically acclaimed and well received by the people all over the world. After that Ghostface reached the heights of fame. He released several solos and albums which became popular across the world.

Some of his super hit albums are Supreme Clientele, Fish Scale etc. Ghostface teamed up with MF Doom an underground artist in 2006. MF Doom produced several songs for Killah’s Album Fishscale. The album was at number 4 position on the U.S. Billboard 200 and at number 2 position on the R&B charts. The album was critically acclaimed and received positive reviews.

Killah is popular for his up-tempo hip hop rap, emotionally charged raps and smooth flow. He also appeared as an actor in several movies such as Black and White, Fade to Black, Hunter Dawson, Iron Man, and When in Rome. Ghostface has been the part of several TV projects like 30 Rock, The Boondocks, Human Giant, Mob Wives and Rushing Jason.

Ghostface Killah Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ghostface is around $18 million. Killah earned this whopping sum of net worth by sinning and his venture Starks Enterprises.

Ghostface is a widely searched celebrity all around the world. In spite of being in poverty in his childhood, he never left the hope to become successful. He sent an example and became an inspiration for the people across the globe.