Futuristic Net Worth 2019

Who is Futuristic and what is his net worth 2019? Futuristic is the stage name of Zachary Lewis beck. Futuristic was born on June 2, 1991, in Bloomington, Illinois, United States of America. He is a hip hop artist who currently lives in the Tempe, Arizona.

Because of depression futuristic diverted him and focused on the music career. His first album “Dream big” was a huge hit. Futuristic struggled for his start-up for more than five years of his life. With few best marketing strategies, he also interacted with his fans in the social media and uploaded videos on the YouTube.

Futuristic Net Worth

In a statement futuristic appealed that he even sold his house after his back 2 you tour. He left with $ 3000 for the tour and on the end of the day; he was left only with $ 100 in his pocket. He made self-booking for all his allowances including cab, room rentals. By continuous hard work and with much love for singing, he came along with all the hurdles.


The success knocked his life with the album “Dream Big” carried him forward. His second and third album chasing down a dream and travelling local gained popularity and raised his fame. The album “The Rise” released on May 12, 2015, is another success and placed on the billboard 200 chart, at No.139. “

Coast 2 coast” feat with Devvon Terrell claimed to No.82 in the billboard chart released on December 25, 2015. It was sold more than 14,000 copies. His recent album released on 2016, “As seen on the Internet” fitted at No.116 in the billboard 200 charts.

Some of the futuristic top singles to listen are listed. They are Better, Bout to blow, chasing down a dream, don’t mind if I do, CA$E [Varcity Remix] feat with BCKSLXSH, Duh, fighting with myself, for the love, futuristic or die, good night, I’m a problem, long days cold nights, my name, no budget, no service, price to life, Realist In the Room, Red Light Texting, See Me Mad, The Time is Now, You Oughtta Know, Steppin’ in the Chi’ feat. E1 / the JT, Jazz Project, Jeffrey Thompson / Jason Daniels.

All his albums are available in the iTunes and some albums like “coast 2 coast” is priced $5.99. In tune core, an online music distribution service allows to buy singles at $9.99 for an entire year and albums at the rate of $49.99 all the year.

Net Worth of Futuristic

Futuristic total net worth is $500 thousand. His sources of income were from the various resources as a singer, rapper, record producer and songwriter.

Futuristic started his career as a singer in the year 2012. Due to his depression, futuristic focused on music and released his first debut album “Dream big” in the year 2012. As a market analyst, he published all mini albums on the social sites. In the beginning of his career, futuristic Participated in many tours and some tours were self-arranged. He is well known as a singer and rapper but he works as a songwriter and record producer. He launched his official site only futuristic.com where all the information about his album release, tours and concerts are available.

A prominent singer, rapper, songwriter and a record producer strives hard to achieve more success from his young age. He is active from the year 2012 until now and aims to reach further success in his upcoming golden years. Futuristic fans wait for more pieces of works from him.