Flava Flav Net Worth 2019

Who is Flava Flav and what is his net worth 2019? Flava Flav is the famous stage name of William Jonathan Drayton Jr., known as an American based rapper, musician, actor, television personality, as well as a comedian of present age 58. He rose to prominence by being an associate of renowned hip-hop entitled as Public Enemy. Net worth of Flava Flav is high in millions, get more details below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Drayton is Roosevelt, located in New York and he was brought up in neighbouring Freeport, known as two communities every in Town of Hempstead, situated in New York. The rapper learnt own by playing the piano, as well as started playing aged when he was five years old. Recognised as a musical genius, he actually sang in youth choir in his church as well as he learnt drums, piano, as well as guitar right from early age.

Flava Flav Net Worth


As per Chuck D, he is talented in fifteen different instruments during the time he left study high school in the grade eleven, and also he was in and out of prison for robbery as well as burglary. He accepted his stage name derived after his graffiti tag. They initially teamed up on hip-hop college radio show by Chuck D, later started rapping collectively.

Flav originated to prominence by being a founding associate as well as hype man of famous rap group named Public Enemy. In year 1984, this group launched one track through feature Pison Doggg named “Public Enemy #1”, which conveyed them to consideration of Def Jam Records based executive named as Rick Rubin.

This person formerly did not comprehend Flav’s character in an act as well as desired to contract Chuck D in form of a solo act; though Chuck D wished that Flav be contracted with them as well as these two were contracted to Def Jam in year 1986. This group’s leading album entitled Yo! Bum Rush the Show was launched in year 1987.

He worked as comic foil to serious and politically charged behaviour of Chuck D. The corresponding group attained greater fame through their next release, year 1988’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, being double platinum. During that time one political single entitled as “Fight the Power” was launched in year 1989 and the group had transformed as major superstars.

It is known that after having a break from music scene, Flav was requested to partake on VH1 based reality show entitled as The Surreal Life.

Flavor of Love, which was released for span of three seasons, is known as a reality show in which he searches for love. This show’s achievement directed to spin-offs entitled I Love New York as well as I Love Money. It was found in season three reunion show which Flav encountered a lady, not from that show, after videoing had ended. In this, he made proposal to her during special and this couple had a son.

Also, in year 2011, he collaborated with Nick Cimino in order to open Flav’s Fried Chicken in Cimino’s native of Clinton, located in Iowa. It is revealed that the founders aspired to begin a national restaurant contract.

Net Worth of Flava Flav

Flavor Flav is extensively known as an American based rapper as well as reality TV celebrity who attains net worth of $10 million. Notwithstanding a troubled youth, talented and young Flav accomplished to master several instruments as well as enhance his musical abilities.

While signing with Def Jam Records during year 1986, Public Enemy became one of the greatest prolific rap groups ever in history of music. The group attained critical commendation through its debut album entitled Yo! Bum Rush the Show as well as he has afterward launched an extra nine albums, out of which three have successively gone platinum.

Though Flava Flav is also a television personality, actor and comedian, he followed more on path of music. It is due to his singing talents and passions that made him to stay strong in the industry.