Fat Nick Net Worth 2018

Who is Fat Nick and what is his net worth 2018? Fat Nick as he goes by is a social media star and a rapper from Florida. He is part of the group Buffet Boys. He is yet another rapper who became famous through YouTube.

Early Life

Very little is known about Fat Nick including the name his parents gave him when he was born. He was born on September 6 in the year 1994 in Miami, Florida. Born to parents who were of Greek and Cuban ancestry, he had a rough childhood. He was a high school dropout who took to selling drugs. However, the rapping scene changed his life.

Fat Nick Net Worth

Fat Nick was a close of friend of Kevin Pouya right from his school days. When Pouya associated himself with the rap scene, Nick also joined him. However, when it came to making videos, they made their own videos independently and released them online. Soon Fat Nick had his own audience who were crazy about his rap. Both Fat Nick and Kevin Pouya began touring across America building up their audience separately and making some money along the way.

They associated themselves with Raider Klan of SpaceGhostPurrp initially after which they formed their own crew and named it Buffet Boys. They released a series of singles. Then Nick released his own debut in 2015 titled Fat Camp. This mixtape included the track ‘Foogba.’ The very next year, he released his next album which was his first LP as well, ‘When the Lean Runs Out.’

The Buffet Boys include Shake well, and Germ other than Fat Nick himself and Pouya. They have their own They have their own YouTube channel which has over 76 thousand subscribers as of now.

He had his music video for single ‘How Do I Look; directed by Max Beck. Big Los has also produced some of his other videos.

In fact, it is a surprising sight to see a huge man with his blond dreadlocked hair and a small bearded man making music together. However, they are so in sync with each other that they even finish each other’s sentences. Such is the rapport between them. But these unique and endearing duos of rappers have established a routine for themselves through their YouTube series that has witty wisecracks and insults too.

In fact, it is their YouTube channel, Nick and Pouya Show that accorded them the opportunity to meet the members of SpaceGhostPurrp Raider Klan. This meeting with Denzel Curry and the underground rappers Xavier Wulf, Yung Simmie, and Chris Travis helped the Nick-Opuya duo to turn their life around.

It was then that these two, having already dropped out of school and working low paying jobs (Remember Nick was dealing drugs for a while) made a decision to pursue a career in rapping. Perhaps all rap fans may not recognise their names. But these two do have a massive following in their social media networks.

In fact, in a very interesting interview, Nick has mentioned that it had taken him four years to grow his dreadlocks and that he had no intention of cutting it. In this interview, both of them speak about how they had started their YouTube show when they were in their seventh grade and how they had dropped out of school, Pouya first and Nick, just two months after him. It was then that Nick sold drugs and Pouya was a bus boy when their chance meeting with SpaceGhostPurrp happened and they started rapping. The rest is history.

Net Worth of Fat Nick

With his subscribers on YouTube almost touching a 100 thousand and with yet another 100 thousand followers on Twitter, it is no wonder that Fat Nick is on the way up when it comes to making money. He has a net worth of $170 thousand. Needless to say, he will be a multi-millionaire by the time he is thirty.

With over 10,000 followers for his account in Vine and much more followers and subscribers in Twitter and YouTube, we can say that Fat Nick has finally arrived at the rap scene. He is yet another musician who has become famous through his online presence. His fame can be attributed to YouTube and the underground rap scene of Florida where he grew up.