E-40 Net Worth 2019

Who is E-40 and what is his net worth 2019? E-40 is the famous stage name of this celebrity, recognised as a rapper, investor and entrepreneur from Vallejo, located in California. This rapper stayed as a founding associate of the famous rap group entitled The Click, as well as worked as the initiator of famous Sick Wid It Records. Net worth of E-40 is grossed from his appearance mainly as rapper and entrepreneur, get more details below:

Early Life

This rapper’s full name is Earl E-40 Stevens. Discussing his education, he completed graduation from a high school in Vallejo, situated in California in year 1985. There are very less details revealed about the family background of this rapper yet.

E-40 Net Worth


E-40 started his rapper debut in year 1986, through the EP entitled as Let’s Side in form of a associate of The Click. The particular EP was produced by Al Eaton as well as Mike Mosley and it was aired on famous Sick Wid It Records, which is essentially an autonomous label started by this rapper. In year 2003, this rapper started hosting E-Feezy Radio, which is basically a program, delivered weekly, relating to hip-hop based radio station named as KMEL that displayed Bay Area.

It is known that KMEL routinely transmit the program till year 2008. After accomplishing a contract with Jive Records, this rapper has signed with Warner Bros and Lil Jon’s BME Recordings. After signing for these records, he also appeared on single entitled -Snap Yo Fingers, too presenting Sean P which turned out as a hit attaining the position of topmost 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

In year 2006, he made appearance on Everready: The Religion CD on one track entitled Jellysickle. In this same year, the rapper even contributed one stanza to the authorised rehash of It’s Okay (One Blood) by associated rapper named The Game with other 24 MCs. Later in year 2008, this rapper’s fresh album entitled as The Ball Street Journal was originated, with Wake it Up presenting Akon in form of the major single.

In the next year, E-40 was presented on a track entitled “Santana DVX” on an album entitled Incredibad from the comedy based group i.e. named as The Lonely Island. Moreover, E-40 is too mentioned in the recognition’s as one of among writers as well. In this song, rapper E-40 accepts the personality of Santana as well as performs raps regarding his tailored brand of glittering white wine.

Apart from his career recorded as a musician, rapper E-40 is recognised as an entrepreneur as well as investor. He is the one who has volunteered into extra business as well as investment prospects. Moreover, he also invested in Microsoft; however he stated that he must have capitalised in Apple. With former NFL based player named as Chester McGlockton, this rapper started a Fatburger franchise in California, which is presently closed.

Furthermore, E-40 lately authored the book entitled E-40’s Book of Slang, published by Warner Books. This rapper is too a spokesperson for Landy Cognac, as well as he started the now-defunct Ambassador’s Lounge, which is essentially a nightclub.

Net Worth of E-40

E-40 is essentially a rapper, investor and tycoon from America with noticeable net worth of $12 million. This rapper has grossed his net worth partly from his solo career as well as being one of the associates of the American based rap group entitled as “The Click”. E-40 is too recognised as founder of recording studio entitled “Sick Wid It”.

Apart from being a hip-hop singer, E-40 is too recognised as an investor and entrepreneur, adding to his income. Till now, E-40 has launched twenty-seven studio albums in total, functioned on several movie recordings, as well and even did guest appearances on numerous rap albums.

Right from the start of career, this rapper E-40 has attained fame which is equally high in present time as well, suggesting his talents.