Dumbfoundead Net Worth 2019

What is Dumbfoundead’s net worth in 2019? Among the better rappers in the industry is Rapper Dumbfoundead. He wasn’t always called Dumbfoundead as this was his stage name. His birth name is Jonathan Parker and he even has a native Korean name which is Park seong-man. Jonathan was raised in the Korea town neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California. He developed a career in rapping and hip hop music at a very young age due to various influences and that is the reason for his success now.

Early Life

Jonathan was born on February 18 of 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His parents were both South Korean immigrants and he was later smuggled into Mexico by his mother. They later settled in Korea Town in Los Angeles when Jonathan was 3 years old. He attended school I Los Angeles but as he was not born there, he had a hard time and was often bullied and looked upon as the class jester.

Dumbfounded Net Worth

Jonathan did not let any of this affect him and minded his own business. When he was around 10 years old, he was first introduced to hip-hop music when he went to a community center in MacArthur Park where the many emcees who were at the top of their game.

By meeting his professional icons and idols at this young age, he began developing a freestyle technique that worked for him. He began studying the music and its roots. He then attended a workshop the next year which helped him perfect his rapping abilities. He would later become one of the ‘Blondes’.

Jonathan dropped out of school in his sophomore year to pursue a full-time career in music. However, this was not as easy as said and done. He had to work a lot of labour and odd jobs to support him and his sister who stayed in a one bedroom apartment. He had to ensure that they both were well off before embarking on a full professional rapping career.


As soon as he felt that he could now pursue his passion, he set about to hone his rapping skills and abilities. He would sometimes practice hours on end and everyone would be in admiration of his dedication. He would frequently participate in rap battles in Los Angeles and some of them were caught on tape and later released on YouTube. This was around the time YouTube was gaining popularity and since he had a couple of his videos on the interface, he became very popular and would be known everywhere by his street name, Dumbfoundead.

2015 was a big year for Jonathan as this was the year he participated in the King of the Dot: Blackout which was a rap battle event conducted by Drake himself. Jonathan was complimented by Drake personally for his unique rap battling style. In the event, he had an epic rap battle with Conceited, a rival rapper and this rap battle is currently the most popular English rap battle of 2015.

Dumbfoundead, now having created a name for himself in the industry released three albums back to back in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. All of these albums were produced by Duke Westlake and they all became instant hits.

Net Worth of Dumbfoundead

The rapper has a business mind and he did the right thing and capitalized on his popularity due to his YouTube videos and went global by releasing three albums and even going on tour. This is how he could amass a net worth of $800 thousand. His tour dates are usually fully sold out and he has cheering fans waiting for him fervently at each venue. There wasn’t any information available about any other assets he may own but his net worth peaked at $800 thousand.

Jonathan Park is truly an inspiration to all the aspiring rappers out there. He has shown everybody how one can shine in spite of whatever difficulties one may face at a young age. He also showed everyone that all actors are one and the same; they were all humans. He made a great stand at the Oscars against racism this way and this made him even more popular.