Don Trip Net Worth 2018

Who is Don Trip and what is his net worth 2018? Don trip is a hugely popular name but what you may not know is that he shares his birth name, Christopher Wallace with his fellow rapper, B.I.G. Christopher Wallace had a troubled childhood and turned all of his focus towards music to keep him occupied. This worked wonders and Christopher was able to turn his life around and were also able to make money off of his new found passion. We all know that Don Trip is an amazing musician but not all of us know the suffering he went through in his childhood

Early Life

Christopher lived along with his siblings, a sister and a brother who were all raised by their single mother. The children suffered a lot because their mother was not able to adequately provide for them as she was just a single mother. Christopher Wallace was born on August 20, 1985, in Memphis Tennessee and had a very traumatic childhood. Memphis always carried bad memories for Wallace as he had to suffer a lot in his childhood.

Don Trip Net Worth

Christopher turned to hip hop music to forget his worries and stay happy. He found that he had a talent for rapping in flow and had a natural aptitude for rapping. He then decided that he would take up rapping as a professional career and make money out of it. He went by the street name Don Trip.


Don Trip did not want to make rapping his career, rather it became his career gradually. Since finding that rapping made him feel better and helped cope with the difficulties he faced at home, he has been rapping.

According to him, rapping makes him feel alive and is very helpful to him. While rapping for kicks, he became immensely popular and became known by his street name very soon. He released his first single when he 25 years old. By this time he had taken part in several battles and freestyle tournaments and made a name for himself as Don Trip.

In 2010, Don Trip released his first single titled ‘The Threat’. He was already very popular and had a reputation created for him in the industry and as such his first single became a runaway success. Being in Memphis, a collaboration between Don trip and Starlito, another Memphis-based rapper was just waiting to happen. Don Trip worked along with Starlito in 2011 and released a mix tape called the Step Brothers.

2011 was a pretty big year for Don as he also did another collaboration with Ceelo Green on the song ‘Letter to my Son’. In all, 2011 was a year of collaborations. Two years after he released his first single, in 2012, Don Trip was featured on XXL magazine as part of the 2012 Freshman Class. This further shot up his ratings and he gained even more fans and popularity.

He has collaborated with a lot of famous artists including Memphis-based Starlito, Wale and Ceelo Green. His singles are widely popular and are the main source of income for him.

Net Worth of Don Trip

Most of Don’s wealth comes from the various royalties he gets for his hot music tracks. His tracks being very popular bring him a lot of money. He has net worth around $750 thousand. His wealth also comes from the various albums he has worked on with collaborations. He has a wide fan base who have developed a style for his particular style of rapping.

Considering that he started rapping as a reprieve from his household problems, Don Trip has made quite a name for himself in the rapping industry. He used his smartness to convert his interest in music into something that would pay the bills. His net worth will keep on increasing and is now $750 thousand.

Don Trip is just like a regular American teenager with a troubled childhood, but he was smart and turned his hobby into his source of income. For this, he is an inspiration to many youngsters out there who seek to make a career out of music. Don has a unique style of rapping and he sometimes uses controversial verses but that does not stop his fan base from growing phenomenally!