Dappy Net Worth 2019

Who is Dappy and what is his net worth 2019? Costandinos Contostavlos popularly known as Dappy is a British rapper, songwriter, actor and singer. He often remains in the news with his slightly unusual dressing sense and eye-catching headwear. He was born on 11 June 1987 to father Byron Contostavlos and mother Zoi Agorou in Camden, North London. He is most notably recognised among the people for being the lead singer of the former British hip hop group “N-Dubz” with Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer from 2000-2011. After the split of the group, he decided to go on his own and featured in the Tinachy Strayder’s single “Spaceship” as a guest artist in June 2011. However, his solo track “No-Regrets” released on 18 September 2011 soon becomes #1 at the charts in the United Kingdom and Scotland.

Dappy’s father was one of the members of the group Mungo Jerry and dies on 12 April 2007. His former group dedicates their debut album to his dad by naming it Uncle B, the name with which Dappy calls his dad. He even had a “RIP Dad” tattoo on his neck.

Dappy Net Worth

He has a Greek-Cypriot accent that can be seen in his videos. Dappy also has a younger brother named Spiros. He is the cousin of the fellow member of N-Dubz Tulisa Contostavlos. Dappy is the father of the two sons Gino and Milo with his girlfriend, Kaye Vassell.

Education: During his younger days, Dappy studied in the Richard Cobden Primary School followed by the St. Aloysius Secondary School. After reaching the age of 12, he started to attend Bishop Douglass School, where he often fights with his fellow students. He left the school at the age of 15 to focus on his music career. However, he returned to study at college. He got a B in GCSE music and an A* in English.

Net Worth of Dappy

The total net worth of Dappy is around $2.5 million. Some of the best singles of Dappy are No Regrets, Rockstar, Beautiful Me, Money Can’t Buy, Hip Hop Hooray, Kiss, I.O.U, and Good Intensions. Additionally, he has also worked as a featured artist in the singles such as Explode, Who’s the Daddy, Spaceship and Taking Your Side.

A major portion of his income generates from the sponsorships, endorsement deals and ads. Apart from that, he has an income of around £ 200,000 from his music. Additionally, he earns more than £ 50,000 from other means every year. Dappy nearly falls into bankruptcy when he fails to pay a tax bill amounting £ 140,000 in 2014. He was also a contestant in the reality show Big Brother 13.

He had landed himself in lots of controversies during his career. His track “Love ForM y Slum” faces lots of criticism from the media because of the scene in which Dappy stands in front of an expensive luxury flat with a rich kid looking like a gangster in 2007.

He was also guilty of assaulting his girlfriend Kaye Vassell in October 2011 and even get arrested due to it. However, he gets released without charges. He hit a man in February 2014 and gets convicted of common assault on 19 June 2014. He was fined as a part of the punishment by the court. Along with these, he was a part of many controversies of beating people.

Along with fame and money, this talented artist met with lots of controversies during his career. Some of them have deeply affected his career graph by creating a bad image among the media. However, Dappy never back down and able to make himself one of the best singles artists in the United Kingdom. He is still in his 30s and can achieve lots of things in the future.