Damien Ritter Net Worth

Who is Damien Ritter? What is net worth of Damien Ritter? Damien Ritter is one of the famous American hip-hop rappers who is also the founder of the popular record label, Funk Volume. He, along with his partner Hopsin created the Funk Volume production company. They signed contracts with several other hip-hop artists like Dizzy Wright, Swizz, and Jarren Benton. Also, various producers like DJ Hoppa and Kato were part of this band.

Education: Damien completed his bachelor degree major in business at the University of California, Berkeley. He had a strong business mind and had a dream to start his own business. This made him pursue MBA degree and master in business from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Damien Ritter Net Worth 2017-2018

He started his career by working as an intermediate analyst with the investment bank Goldman Sachs. He quit the job in Goldman and started working as a senior consultant with Deloitte in 2007. His company helped him in learning skills in financial service such as auditing, taxation, and advisory.

Somewhere around in 2008, he collaborated with Hopsin to manage his business to create Funk Volume. It is said that in the early days Damien was appointed as the business manager of the Funk Volume record label and was independently founded by Hopsin. He signed Damien’s younger brother and also Hopsin’s high school friend Swizz as the first artist to the production company.

Their first project was released which a collaborative mixtape was named Haywire between Hopsin and Swizz. The artists shared a strong bond together while working in the company. Ritter was of the opinion that they were a team and even though they weren’t bonded by blood the bond was as strong as steel. He believed in transparency and treated people right so as to ensure that every artist was able to take care of their needs in the present as well as in the future.

He knew nothing about the hip-hop music or about the label history. He claims that he did not even know Stranger music. However, with strong entrepreneurship and leadership skills, he entered the world of music in his early twenties and joined the joint venture with Hopsin and Swizz into Funk Volume. He focused on building a strong fan base for his company so that everything else would fall into the right place. This theory worked for them and within 6 years they were popular in the industry.

Damien Ritter Net Worth

Damien claims to have a total net worth of $3.5 million as of 2017. Ritter came from a wealthy family which meant that he had a sizeable fortune even before entering the Funk Volume Company and its liquidation in January 2016.

In the start of 2016, rifts were developed between the founders Hopsin and Damien and this eventually led to the split of the label. Hopsin claimed that Damien was a control freak and due to his controlling nature and disbanded the label Funk volume which they created together. There were a lot of controversies cooked up relating to their fight and to make things ugly Hopsin and Damien streamed live tweets about their fights. Hopsin went on the say that Damien is the death of funk volume and that he is really difficult to work with.

Ritter went ahead and complained that Hopsin was not all that hard working as well and he claimed that he tried hard to not let the band disband. He expressed that he tried to bring all the members of the team together in order to push things to be worked out. However, he was never successful at it. Later in 2016, Hopsin posted on a social media that Funk Volume was officially dead and he started his own brand under the name Undercover Prodigy.

Damien loved gambling and he was accused of gambling the money out of Funk Volume, however, he refuses all that and claims that he never used any money from Funk volume to gamble.

Being Stanford-educated, Damien had a strong finance IQ which made Funk volume reach heights. However, after the break up there is no much news about him as to what are his next plans. He was the last key member of the Funk Volume to leave the band. He waited for all the legal formalities and drama to subside so as to ensure everything was done and settled properly.