Cuban Link Net Worth 2019

Who is Cuban Link and what is his net worth 2019? If you see the history of rappers, you will invariably find a plethora of the Afro-American or the Caribbean people. Maybe, they have the natural swagger you need for a rap artist. Their body mannerisms suit this kind of music the best. Among the famous rappers of this generation, Cuban Link belongs to Cuba.

Early Life

His real name is Felix Delgado. Born on 18 December 1974 at Havana, Cuba, Cuban Link is an original member of the Terror Squad. He migrated to the US along with his family in 1980 during the Mariel boatlift. This immigrant population made the Morrisania section of the South Bronx neighbourhood in New York, their own. He grew up among similar immigrant people. Hip-hop music was the fashion at that time. Some of his famous friends on the rapping circle are Big Pun, Triple Seis, and Da Sick One. They formed the group Full-A-Clips.

Cuban Link Net Worth


Along with Big Pun, he made guest appearances on The Beatnuts’ single ‘Off the Books’ in 1997. They joined a local rap group, Terror Squad. Cuban Link used to be a regular singer in this rap group. He has also performed alongside Big Pun in ‘Capital Punishment’ and Fat Joe in ‘Don Cartagena’. Signed up with Atlanta Records, he recorded his debut album, 24K. However, the sudden demise of Big Pun on 07 February 2000 prevented the release of this album.

Rappers find out some ways to indulge in altercations. You have seen examples of rappers such as C-Jo and Crunchy Black having criminal records. Cuban Link nearly had one as well. He tried to intervene in a fight between fat Joe and Sunkiss during an album release party. Enraged at this intervention, Joe had a fight with Cuban Link. One of Joe’s associates slashed Link’s face with a knife. Link sports the scar ever since.

Cuban Link was extremely successful as a solo rapper. However, he used to perform in rap groups as well. Many of his tracks have not yet been released. One of his albums, Chain Reaction attained a rank of around 22 on the US rap charts. He was an expert at producing mixtapes as well.

The Terror Squad group is no longer functional today. People have asked him whether they will ever function as a group again. Link has replied that as long as Fat Joe is around, Terror group can never resurface.

Education: He has lived the life of a refugee and an immigrant in the US. He had his base in an area frequented by crime and steeped in poverty. Therefore, there is no question of any kind of formal education for Cuban Link. At least, there is no information available on the internet in this connection.

Net Worth of Cuban Link

Cuban Link net worth is $1 million. Considering his success as a solo singer and as a member of the group, his earnings of $1 million should be acceptable.

He started out quite young. Of course, he had friends such as Big Pun, etc living in the neighbourhood. They used to rap together in a group, Terror Squad. The leader of the group Fat Joe did not have a good reputation. There used to be frequent fights in the group. One such fight resulted in the permanent scarring of Cuban Link’s face.

As a solo artist, he has been very promising. He has had many hit albums in his name. In fact, he is not singing anymore for the last two years because he wants to concentrate on his family. Many of his single tracks have yet to see the light of day.

Cuban Link has had a roller coaster ride in the American rap music industry. He had great success as a solo singer as well as a group singer. It is great to note that a person with humble beginnings as a refugee or an immigrant becoming a successful rap singer through sheer dint of hard work.