Common Net Worth

Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr is widely known for his rapping style in the United States and also worldwide. He is formerly known by his stage name ‘Common or Common Sense’. The net worth of Common is significantly awesome and noteworthy. He has achieved this huge net worth with lots of hardship and dedication. He is a very talented and artistic rapper who has secured both respect and honor in the rapping world.

Common Biography

Lynn is an American by birth and was born on 13 March 1972 in Chicago in the United States. He was born to Lonnie Lynn and Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines. His mother was a teacher and his father was an ABA basketball player. Lynn did his schooling from Luther High School South. He has been fascinated with the rapping form from an early hood and this interest took him to some different level with glorious success and which resulted in his new stage name ‘Common’. Lynn did his graduation from Florida A&M University with a degree in business administration.

Common Net Worth 2017-2018

Lynne had three relationships all together but three of the relationship could not go for long and he ends up in a breakup. Firstly, he dated the famous singer Erykah Badu and then after some time he dated the actress Kerry Washington and another actress Taraji P. Henson. And after his these breakups he dated the world famous tennis player Serena Willams but it soon ends up in breakup. Currently, Lynn has declared himself single and dating no one right now.

In 1992, Lynn did his first single debut album ‘Take It EZ’. In the same year, Common launched his next album ‘Can I Borrow a Dollar’. In 1994, he released another album ‘Resurrection’ which received immense popularity and recognition worldwide. This album has actually built up his image and personality as well.

Gradually, Lynn became the rising hip hop star of the rapping industry and famously known to everybody by his stage name ‘Common’. Audiences loved him and appreciated him for his exquisite rapping form.

In 1996, Common shared his stage with the popular artists Fat Joe, Biz Markie, and other famous artists for the song ‘America is Dying Slowly’.

Common has released several other albums which have received immense success and appreciation from the worldwide audiences.

Apart from rapping, he has exhibited his skills also in acting. He appeared in various films like Terminator Salvation, Date Night, Now You See Me, Being Charlie, and many other popular movies.

Common has also tried his skill and talent in film production as well. This did not end his career, he did various modeling and branding of products. Common has been featured in the popular apparel band ‘Gap’ as a model.

In 2011, Common showed his writing skill by launching his new book which was his memoir ‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’.

To keep everything aside, Common was also a great philanthropist who has worked for the animal welfare ‘PETA’.

Being a versatile man, there is a never ending list of Common’s awards and achievements. To name a few here is the list of awards received by Common:

In 2015, he received the prestigious Academy Awards as ‘Best Original Song’.

In 2014, he won the African-American Award.

Common has won four Bet Awards for various categories.

Other major awards he won are Bet Hip Hop Awards, Black Reel Award, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Common Net Worth and Income Profile in 2017

Common being a versatile person has exhibited his talent and skill in various fields and has gained immense success and profit in every aspect without any doubt. At the age of 45, he has mastered in every field starting from rapping, modeling, acting, activism, and writing what not he has done. Undoubtedly, Common is a remarkable man with remarkable personality with huge potential without any failure. It is estimated that his total net worth is about $50 million US dollars approximately as of 2017.

Common is a sheer man of versatile talent that made him hold a strong position in the United States. He is an utmost man with significant quality and personality.