Chris Webby Net Worth 2019

Who is Chris Webby and what is his net worth 2019? Chris Webby is the famous stage name of Christian Webster, recognised as an American based rapper belonging from Norwalk, located in Connecticut. She has issued several mixtapes like the DJ Drama-hosted entitled Bars On Me as well as his EP entitled There Goes the Neighbourhood, which ranked at number 101 on famous Billboard 200. Net worth of Chris Webby is amassed mainly from his career as a rapper, get further details here:

Early Life

Chris Webby belonged to Norwalk, located in Connecticut. His mother named Mrs. Webster worked as a middle school tutor. Name of his father is Dave Webster and he was known to be their only kid. He has begun listening rap right from young age approving DMX, Eminem, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, etc. Later, he began writing his personal raps during year 2000 when she was of age 11. He also appeared in Greens Farms Academy, known as a private school running in Westport, located in Connecticut.

Chris Webby Net Worth


Initially, Chris Webby appeared in Hofstra University inside Long Island, located in New York. Here, he initially received his buzz being a rapper, and was a branded freestyler by the frat houses. Also, she is known to be member in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity (known as ΣΑΕ).

Working in his sophomore year, he got arrested in year 2009 in association with an unsuccessful robbery effort of one drug dealer on campus of Hofstra University. Later, he spent one week in jail as well as got banned from school. After getting kicked out, he focused on rapping as a career, and concentrated on issuing music.

In year 2009, Chris Webby has issued his debut based mixtape entitled as The White Noise LP. This mixtape has featured his initial famous single entitled as “La La La,” initially issued in year 2009 on youtube. Also, he has performed at some local Connecticut venues, comprising Toad’s Place as well as in the Heirloom Arts Theatre. Later in year 2009 he has issued his second mixtape entitled as Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper.

In year 2010, he has launched his third mixtape entitled as Optimus Rhyme, envisioned to be an introduction to his fourth mixtape entitled as The Underclassmen. This project was actually billed in form of a “mini-mixtape” and she was chiefly a compiling of his unreleased kind of tracks.

Chris Webby is recognised for use of his recreational drug. He mentioned to AllHipHop in year 2013 that he makes use of Adderall in studio, which is prescribed to him. He also explained that actually he was analysed with ADD right from young age as well as he has been on attention medication during his life.

Net Worth of Chris Webby

Presently the net worth of Chris Webby is assessed to be $1.3 million. Primarily he earns by being a rapper. Being a kid, he has admired rap icons such as Eminem as well as Dr. Dre. He rapidly started earning by writing as well as recording unique material below the name named as Vindictive. In span of one and half year, Chris he worked to launch six different full length based mixtapes, which made accessible (freely) on

In year 2010, he has launched his fifth LP entitled as Best in the Burbs. In year 2012, the rapper has dropped his formal “There Goes The Neighborhood” named EP on Itunes which made debut at No.1 on the Hip Hop Charts as well as debuted On The Billboard Heatseaker chart at No.1 selling closely 30k pieces. Also, he followed that through his censoriously acclaimed mixtape entitled as ‘Barz On Me” was downloaded more than 250k times. In year 2014 he has launched one mixtape entitled as “The Check Up”, downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Till now, Chris Webby is renowned mainly for releasing many mixtapes and albums, singles being a rapper. Most of his creation are downloaded thousands of times as well as commended by fans.