Chevy Woods Net Worth 2018

Who is Chevy Woods and what is his net worth 2018? Kevin Woods known as Chevy Woods was born on 13th of may in the year 1981 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Unites States. Chevy was very good in athletes during his school time. He did not found his passion as a rapper till college but he used to rap as a child with his friends using instrumentals as background music.

Early Life

After schooling, Chevy attended Robert Morris University as an athlete. During college chevy started rapping and suddenly rapping became his passion that he started missing his classes for it. Woods became serious about rap when met another musician who used to make his own mixtapes. He started his rapping career under the name Kev Tha Hustla .

Chevy Woods Net Worth


In 2004, Chevy met Wiz Khalifa in I.D. Labs. They formed partnership and made a group named as Taylor Gang in year 2008. Chevy released his three mixtapes The Corner’s Correspondent in 2008, Animal in 2009 and Pilot Shit in 2010 with Khalifa. Chevy had also worked in Wiz Khalifa’s mixtapes like The cookout which was released in 2011 having eight of the eleven tracks of the Woods . This mixtape received many positive reviews and some negative reviews like Khalifa had overshadowed the Woods but Woods slammed them all with his talent .

In 2013, when khalifa went on a tour in support of one of his album Rolling Papers , Chevy went with him as his hype man. This was the first time when chevy met khalifa’s audience. After this tour, Chevy released many mixtapes but none of them got much attention. Then in 2012 , Woods released Gangland which was based on his life and the TV show Gangland. This was big hit and made Chevy’s identity other than Taylor Gang’s member. Chevy is currently working with Taylor Gang Atlantic and Heavy Hustle Records.

In 2013, Chevy released Gangland 2 which was also a big hit and then in 2015, Woods released third part of his Gangland series. In august 2015, Woods produced and released his first retail release The 48 Hunnid Project. This album took 12 years to show Chevy’s childhood and adulthood as it was named on the neighbourhood where woods was raised .

Taylor Gang is a hip hop based american entertainment company . It was established by Wiz Khalifa in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania in 2008 when he with Chevy Woods . This operates as an independent record label, music production and music management . Chevy release its first independent release with Taylor Gang . Currently , the company is home to artist Wiz Khalifa , Ty Dolla $ign , Juicy J , Project Pat , Chevy Woods , Berner , Lil Uzi Vert , Raven Felix , Tuki Carter , Sosamann , J.R. Donato , Ricky P and Raw Boo Man.

Net Worth of Chevy Woods

Chevy Woods is active since 2006 as a popular rapper. He had released many mixtapes like gangland and had also worked in the mixtapes of Wiz Khalifa . He’s also signed to his record label Taylor Gang . Net worth of Chevy Woods is $1 million. Chevy had made this money through his rape music and his band Taylor Gang . Chevy have also decided of starting branded clothes and other merchandise under his name which will surely hike up his net worth.

Some of the notable mixtapes of Chevy Woods are The Corner’s Correspondent, Animal , Gangland , Pilot shit , The cookout and the Red Cup Music.

Chevy Woods is a famous rapper from Pennsylvania. He had made his way to the world of rapping by his street style rapping. He released many notable mixtapes which made his place in millions of peoples heart and we hope the talented rapper goes a long way through his music .