Berner Net Worth 2018

Who is Berner and what is his net worth 2018? Gilbert Milam Jr. or Berner is an American-Mexican rapper, businessman, and entrepreneur from California. He is an artist signed to Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa runs this label. Berner has worked in total 16 albums and many of them have managed to feature in Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album Charts. Berner has become an entrepreneur as he has opened his own Marijuana dispensaries. He is also the owner of two lifestyle companies named FreshKo and Cookies. He produced a TV series named Marijuana mania and also own a website named which provide resources for medical marijuana community.

He has been working in this industry from last 10 years and has managed to attract lots of eyes with his brilliant rapping skills. Many don’t know but Berner worked as a bartender and a budtender during his early ages. Berner is an inspiration to those people who are working at a small level now but wish to make a big name in the world someday.

Berner Net Worth

He has made his mark in the industry only due to his hard work and brilliant rapping skills. Many people want to know about his earnings and his total net worth, so let’s dig more information about him and reveal his net worth.

Net Worth of Berner

Berener has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. As we all know that Berner is having multiple talents in him, he is a rapper, an entrepreneur, and owner of two lifestyle companies as well. He manages to fetch lots of money with the work he does. As he is in this industry from past 10 years, he has managed to fetch lots of money for his living with the various kind of works he does.

He has managed to fetch this money with various chartbuster albums that he has given and with the other works that he does. His lifestyle company Cookies, produce a good amount of money for him and thus adds a lot of money to his net worth. The star hasn’t stopped yet, he is still active in the rapping industry and his lifestyle companies are running well and his business of Marijuana is also going well.

Sometimes we get to see some stars that love to live simply and don’t want any kind of luxury added to their lives. Though Berner is having a good time and has managed to fetch lots of money for a lavish living, he has decided to live simply. At least the reports of his car collection say this. As per the reports, right now there isn’t any kind of car listed on his name. It is tough to believe that a star having a net worth of around $1.5 million is living without an expensive car, but it is true.

We didn’t find any kind of proof that could have told us about his cars. In terms of houses too, there wasn’t any proof available that could show us the amount of property that he has purchased throughout the world. So, we can only assume that he doesn’t own any property around the world. Though he is having a decent net worth, there isn’t any luxurious asset listed on his name. But in near future, this star will definitely fill the list of expensive assets with lots of luxurious cars and houses.

The name of his 16 albums

• Track Money and Pack Money
• Drought Season
• Drought Season 2
• Blow
• Traffic
• Traffic 2
• Blow (Books and Boat Docks)
• The best of Goldtoes & Berner
• Border Wars
• Cookies & Cream
• Dirty Money
• Prohibition
• Drought Season 3
• Harvest Season
• Prohibition Part 2
• Contraband
• Prohibition Part 3
• Public Enemies
• Guilty by Association: Criminal Enterprise

In Spite of These, he Worked in a Few Studio Albums as Well Named.

• Dirty Sneakers…Plenty of Ways to get it.
• Weekend at Bernie’s
• The White Album
• Urban Farmer
• Drugstore Cowboy
• 20 Lights
• Hempire
• Packs

So this was everything that one should know about this famous rapper Berner. We are sure that he will continue his good work and make good money in the future.