Benzino Net Worth 2018

Who is Benzino and what is his net worth 2018? Raymond Scott is the birth name of this American rapper, music producer and hip hop media executive. He goes by his stage name which is Benzino and is popular for appearing in “The Next: 15”, a TV1 original series and the VH1 reality TV series titled “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. He has other nicknames such as Ray Dog and Hasbenzino.

Early Life

Benzino was born on October 24, 1964 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He belongs to a mixed ancestry, having a Puerto Rican and African-American father and a Cape Verdean and German mother. Benzino and his old friend David Mays were principals of “The Source”, a hip hop magazine which was launched as a single-sheet newsletter in 1998 out of Mays dorm room in Harvard University. Benzino was also the co-founder of rap groups such as Almighty RSO and Made Men before he went solo in 2001 and was signed on by Motown for “The Benzino Project”.

Benzino Net Worth

The album consisted of singles such as “Bootteee” and “Bang on This” and also featured a long list of popular artists such as P Diddy, Bobby Brown, Snoop Dog, Teddy Riley and Pink. Even with the support of “The Source”, the album did not sell many copies which led to Benzino being dropped by Motown a few months after the release of the album. This was also due to a article titled “Getting to the Source” in GQ which highlighted on Benzino’s already spoiled reputation.

In 2002, the same album was re-released by Surrender Records as “The Benzino Remix Project” which also included different versions of “Bang Ta Dis”, “Figadoh” and “Boottee” featuring different artists than before but with similar beats. Benzino’s rift with rapper Eminem hit the news in 2003 after Eminem’s work being under scrutiny by “The Source” in the previous years since 2000.

Benzino took it a little too far with the song “Pull up Your Skirt” where he made some unacceptable references to Eminem. “Vanilla Ice” in 2003 and “You were Unsigned Hype” and many discomforting accolades in “The Source” added to the already present animosity between the two.

One such song was featured in “Redemption” in 2002 which was Benzino’s second album and was Elektra and included other singles such as “Rock the Party” and “Would You” The album did not sell many copies. This led to Benzino being dropped by Elektra in no time. “The Source” continued to publish articles such as “The Unbearable Whiteness of Emceeing: What the Eminence of Eminem Says about Race” and also featured a poster of Eminem’s severed head being held by Benzino in one of its issues.

Eminem responded with the inevitable reply with two songs titled, “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin”, one attacking the Source’s reputation and the other shunning Benzino. Benzino did not let it go and replied with a harsher song titled, “Die another Day”. Things went overboard and Eminem finally decided to sue ‘The Source” for infringement and copyright.

In his effort to take his career forward, Benzino decided to release an independent album on ZNO Records, titled “Nemesis” in 2005. Apart from other songs, the album featured another attack on Eminem, titled “Look into my Eyes”. This was another album that did not do a lot of business. This was followed by many labels and artists boycotting “The Source” which further worsened Benzino’s reputation.

After a few more allegations, the Source had to file for bankruptcy protection following which Mays and Benzino were voted out of the magazine for the damage they had caused to the reputation to the magazine. Benzino tried to bounce back with the album “Antidote” in 2007 and also returned to media, setting up a new tabloid called “Hip Hop Weekly” with Mays, Rovi and Jason Birchmeier. Benzino has also been seen on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” since 2012.

Benzino has also reportedly dated Karlie Redd and Althea Heart. On March 29, 2014, he was shot in the back and shoulder in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Benzino was at his mother’s funeral and the shots were fired by his own nephew, Gai Scott. Benzino managed to survive the attack.

Education: Benzino is a graduate from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a private Ivy League research university. Benzino also met his long time friend Mays during his Harvard days.

Net Worth of Benzino

Benzino, who is also known as Random has an estimated net-worth of $12 million and is also very fond of cars. A beautiful Maserati parked in his garage is an example of that. Benzino also owns a five bedroom house in LA worth $12 million.

Benzino is certainly not known for his business strategy considering his hampered reputation in the past but to get where he is at the moment, Benzino must have definitely done quite a few things correctly.

Reports of Benzino’s altercations with his fiance Althea Heart have been coming up in the recent times. Both of them also have a son together named Zino Jr. There was also news that another rift between the two landed Althea Heart in jail for ten days after which Heart got a restraining order against Benzino. Benzino has recently been seen on “The Next: 15” and “Hollywood Hearts” as himself.

After making constant efforts to become a recognised rapper and being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, Benzino has managed to get this far. Among the personal issues going on in his life, he will surely be looking to bounce back with something big soon. Let’s hope it’s not another controversy.