Becky G Net Worth 2019

Who is Becky G and what is her net worth 2019? One of the most popular singers and rappers in the music industry, Becky G is actually named Rebecca Marie Gomez. She adopted Becky G as a stage name when she was doing covers of various songs on YouTube. Becky G is very popular among the American music listeners and is respected as a great rapper and a songwriter.

Early Life

Rebecca had a very tough life during her teen years. Rebecca was born on March 2, 1997, and her family later moved to California. Both her parents are Mexican which makes her of Mexican descent. She is one of among the very popular Mexican teen stars to become famous at a very young age. Rebecca has two brothers and a sister making her the middle child in a way.

Becky G Net Worth

Their family was in abject poverty and Rebecca began taking responsibility at a very young age and began doing part-time jobs locally and gigs in the music industry such as voice over’s. She was partly home-schooled because she faced a bullying problem in the public schools she attended. She knew by age 9 that she had to take a decision as to her career choice because she did not have adequate financial support from her family. Becky calls this her mid-life crisis which led to her making music a career choice.


Rebecca’s career technically began at the age of 9 because this was when she decided to make music her career. She analysed her opportunities, made herself aware of her strengths and weaknesses and decided to sing for a living. This decision helped her to be clear in her life goals and she even learned the guitar by teaching herself at the age of 13. This was an added bonus as she started a YouTube channel to cover some songs and the fact that she could play the guitar as well worked in her favour.

Becky was part of 2 groups during her teens and she sang covers for both the groups which released soon after. What made her popular in the big leagues, however, was her YouTube channel which was making waves for she was extremely talented.

When she was 13, she did a cover of the song ‘Otis’ along with a production group called the “JAM” Working with this production group was probably the best decision Becky would take as her cover of the song went to the attention of Dr. Luke a famous producer who immediately signed her on to his portfolio. He later mentioned that he signed her before she had showcased her abilities to play the guitar and her songwriting capacity.

While working on her debut album, Becky released her first single in collaboration with titled ‘Problem’ for the hit movie Hotel Transylvania. On April 8, Rebecca realised her lifelong dream when she released her first official single on her own called ‘Becky from the Block’. This song was heavily inspired by the popular Jeniffer Lopez song ‘ Jenny from the block’ and as such, Becky made a music video to accompany the song which started Jenifer Lopez and was shot in Becky’s own neighbourhood.

Her mainstream success was due to her releasing the hugely popular ‘Shower’ on April 23 in 2014. She also opened for Katy Perry on certain dates of her tour. Rebecca made a stand for her people by releasing a song for the Mexicans titled ‘We are Mexico’

Net Worth of Becky G

As of now, her net worth is $1.5 million.

Becky G is one of the most popular teen singer-songwriters who has made it big in the industry. She works hard to ensure she doesn’t disappoint her peers. She is surely an inspiration for many persons as hers is a typical rag to riches story of a young girl. She has worked hard to break all stereotypes and emerge successfully. She is one of the rare artists who are humble and down to earth even after huge success.