Ballout Net Worth 2019

Who is Ballout and what is his net worth 2019? Ballout is a rapper born on 14th October 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. He is perhaps best known as the protégé of Chief Keefe and for being part of several releases under the Glo Gang rap label. This rapper has been to release several mix tapes which have been fairly successful.

Unlike many rappers and any musician for that matter, Ballout’s hit numbers that include “Ballin’ No NBA” and “Been bowlin” have not been released on records o compact discs. All his popular mix tapes have been uploaded on Youtube for public viewing. Since most of his musical creations have been mix tapes, the number of songs featuring him under what is known as Glo gang is huge.

Ballout Net Worth

Apart from Glo gang, Ballout is noted for being a member of the notorious Black Disciples Gang. This Chicago based band has gained the infamy of executing its own band member nicknamed Yummy with whom the band had 11 year old long professional relationship.

There is not much known about Ballout’s family since many consider him just another Youtuber although he has been doing pretty well in the said platform. Ballout himself attributes his recognition is the result of being Glo gang member.

Net Worth of Ballout

The net worth of Ballout in the current year stands at $500 thousand, a fairly big sum mix tape song churning by a rapper. Ballout’s chief source of income mix tapes and video productions. Add to that, his videos on Youtube which earn revenue based on number of times it gets clicked and also by the number of subscribers he manages to fetch.

As a rapper slogging it out for making it big in the rap industry, Ballout has chosen the streetsmart approach which is evident by the fact that he has gotten along with Chief Keefe and Glo gang label to move forward. Apart from Chief Keefe, he has also stayed prominent with few sign ups with labels like DigiGlo and DJ Rell.

Since 2013, he has been seen performing with many budding rappers that include Tadoe, Migos and Capo. Throughout the journey that Ballout embarked on, Chief Keefe has been his stickler for success and prominence. He is also known for teaming up with many GBE members over the years with which he has had reasonable success so far.

Ballout and controversies perhaps go hand in hand as he has found himself on sticky wicket one time too many in the past.

It all started with the much talked about incident with Soulja Boy. If reports are to be believed, Soulja Boy’s label SOD and Chief Keefe’s label GBE were amicable affiliates till it emerged that Ballout had apparently stolen a chain of Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy’s claim was further fueled by a picture posted on Twitter of Ballout wearing the same chain although it was revealed that the seen chain was a fake one.

Tensions simmered even more with accusations by Soulja Boy that the chain was stolen from his home thus ending the GBE- SOD merger on a bitter note. Soulja Boy decided to avenge the loss of his chain by with an attempt to steal Tadoe’s watch.

In another controversy, Ballout locked horns with King Louie aka MUBU. The alleged Gangster Disciple affiliate and his crew got involved in a scuffle with Ballout and members of GBE. In the midst of the scuffle, one of the fans managed to snatch the chain that was allegedly stolen by Ballout from Soulja Boy.

With Chief Keefe, Ballout made a strong comeback in 2016 with their mix tape release, first since 2014. The mixtape album “Life of a Globoy” made strong statement with as many as 11 tracks. This major comeback album justified its stand and statements thereby giving him a decent 2016. It is for all to see by now that Ballout has all his success and identity owing to Chief Keefe.

With so much fiasco he has already been involved in, Ballout probably would like to explore the avenues of the uptown rap world devoid of controversies. For the moment, Ballout seems to be on his career’s break even!