Angel Haze Net Worth

Who is Angel Haze? What is net worth of Angel Haze? Sexual assault is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. It is very tough for a woman to pick up the strings after this experience. Very few people have managed to do so. Angel Haze is certainly one among this minority.

Born on 10 July 1992 as Raeen Roes Wilson in Detroit, Michigan, she is an American rapper and singer. She is more famous by the name of Angel Haze. Belonging to a military family of African and Native American ancestry, she was raised in the Greater Apostolic Faith. This was some sort of a cult. There were severe restrictions in this cult. You cannot converse with people outside the community. The cult does not permit you to wear jewelry, listen to music, date people, etc.

Angel Haze Net Worth 2017-2018

The family moved to Brooklyn, New York after an altercation between her mother and a pastor. This move paid rich dividends to Angel because she suddenly became free to express herself and practice all the things that she loved doing. Of course, we are referring to the song and dance routines.

Angel had a very rough childhood where sexual assault by members of the cult was quite common. She had to endure considerable pain throughout her childhood. However, she managed to overcome this trauma and emerge out of the cult as a rapper and singer of repute.

She started her music career quite late at the age of 17 when she released a series of mixtapes, free to download on the internet. People started appreciating her music. She started receiving critical acclaim for the mixtape, Reservation in 2012. In 2013, she started releasing her solo tapes such as ‘Echelon’ from the debut album, Dirty Gold. Unfortunately, there was a leak of the album thereby affecting its sales at the time of its official release. She has also co-hosted the TV show, Catfish in 2015.

Angel Haze considers herself as pansexual and as agender. In fact, one should admire her courage for being frank about her sexuality. In fact, she does not care for any kind of public opinion. She does not bracket herself as belonging to any gender. She considers herself as an experience. It can surprise you that she was in a relationship with Ireland Baldwin. This brought out the lesbian quotient into the equation. They formed a queer and interracial couple. However, this relationship ended in 2015.

Education: As stated earlier, Angel Haze belonged to a cult-like organization. This cult does not allow people to mingle with others. Hence, there is no question of any sort of education for Angel. She has been a literal prisoner of sorts before her mother took the ultimate step of moving out from Detroit to Brooklyn. By this time, it was quite late for Angel because she was around 16 years of age. Therefore, one can safely state that Angel Haze did not get any kind of formal education at all.

Angel Haze Net Worth

Angel Haze has a net worth of $0.6 million US dollars as of 2017.

Angel Haze Assets

As long as the family was living in Detroit, they did not have any assets as such because the Greater Apostolic Faith did not allow them to accumulate the same. However, not that Angel is earning on her own, she might have all the assets necessary for a happy life.

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Until the time she moved out to Brooklyn, Angel was a literal prisoner of the cult. She emerged from the shadows only after moving out to Brooklyn. She had the talent but did not have an avenue to express the same.

After coming out from the clutches of Detroit, she managed to come up with some single albums as well as a series of mixtapes. One of her most appreciable ventures has been the song from the mixtape Classic, “Cleaning out My Closet.” She bared her soul out in this song.

Angel is a confirmed lesbian. Her relationship with Ireland Baldwin is proof of this. She is active on the scene today with her single albums as well as the mixtapes.

To survive a sexual assault is a great achievement. In fact, Angel has managed to overcome the trauma and make a name for herself as well. She has been candid enough to admit the issue. This shows that she is a strong woman at heart. She does not mince bones over the fact that she is a lesbian. Such frank people can go far in life.