Andy Mineo Net Worth 2018

Who is Andy Mineo and what is his net worth 2018? Originally belonging to Syracuse and born on 17 April 1988, Andrew Aaron Mineo is an American hip-hop artist, producer, and music director from New York.

Early Life

Andy Mineo has a disturbed childhood. His mother raised him as a single parent. At the age of 8 years, he went to Christian camp where his sister worked as a counsellor. He converted to Christianity after going through the Gospel. Soon after, he joined a high school and drifted from the Christian faith. He had a great interest in music and formed a friendship with Chris ‘Oxburg’ Leonard. The pair recorded their first song in 2001.

Andy Mineo Net Worth


After graduation, Andy and Chris joined a rap group named ‘Fat Camp’. This group won a song contest for WJPZ-FM and earned a contract with Syracuse University’s Marshall Street Records. Some of their major acts were ‘Jadakiss’, ‘The Roots and Common’, etc.

A chance meeting with producer Alex Medina made him discover the urban evangelism project, T.R.U.C.E. This endeavour made Andy return to the Christianity faith. He dissolved his collaboration with Chris Leonard by winding up Fat camp. He started singing under the name C-Lite.

His collaboration with T.R.U.C.E. continued for two more years. He released his first mixtape, ‘Sin is Wack’. He started recording songs such as ‘Background’ from Rehab and ‘Reverse’ from Backlight extolling the virtues of the Christianity faith. He was also instrumental in releasing his single, ‘In my City’ as part of the ‘God in My City Movement prayer walk’.

Signing up with Reach Records in 2011, the first thing he did was to abandon the name C-Lite. The album, ‘Formerly Known’ followed soon after. He started remixing classic hip-hop songs and released a 4-episode web series, ‘Saturday Morning Car-Tunez’.

Wedded to Christina Delgado on 23 August 2014, Andy lives with his wife in Washington Heights. He was also a pastor at Christ Crucified Fellowship. However, his music engagements forced him to act as a deacon instead of a pastor.

Education: He had his formal upbringing in a single parent home. Hence, he could not get proper schooling. In his 8th grade, he embraced Christianity. Subsequently, he went into a high school but with no Christian support. This drifted him from the path. In his first year as a freshman with the Syracuse University, he met the producer Alex Medina and plunged headlong into the music field.

Net Worth of Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Of course, his singing achievements are the main source of his income.

Andy Mineo is an accomplished musician in his own right. Though he has been part of much collaboration, he is more comfortable singing his solo albums. He is a TV music director and producer as well having presented the Saturday Morning car Tunez series.

His association with Reach Records brought him all the fame he has acquired until date. This partnership allowed him to go solo while working under the joint banner. The year 2016 saw Mineo releasing a video song, ‘Hear My Heart’ as a submission of his guilt for not learning sign language to be able to communicate with his deaf sister. He attempted to translate every sound in the song into a three-dimensional experience to enable the deaf people to experience his work.

Andy Mineo is a believer in the Christianity religion. He has worked as a pastor as well. However, his singing assignments do not allow him to spare much time for spreading the gospel of religion. Hence, he prefers to work as a deacon instead.

Andy Mineo is a self-made personality in many ways. Raised in a single parent home and bereft of much education as well, Andy has managed to carve out a niche for himself using his natural talent in music. Many people have helped him along the way. However, he owed his rise to fame to the Christianity religion.