Ab Soul Net Worth

Who is Ab Soul and what is his net worth 2018? Herbert Anthony Stevens IV or Ab-Soul is an America-based hip-hop artist who was born on February 23rd, 19987 in Los Angeles, California. In 2007, he formed a hip hop group named Black Hippy alongside Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. He is known for his introspective lyrics and has released 4 independent albums named Longterm, Mentality, Control System, and Do what thou Wilt.

All of them gained a lot of commercial success. At the age of 10, he went through a syndrome due to which he has light sensitive eyes and black lips. He was bullied during his early ages due to this syndrome as he used to wear shades and people used to tease him. He started rapping at the age of only 12 years. He has been in this industry for almost 15 years and has managed to attract lots of eyes of audiences.

Ab Soul Net Worth

People have also appreciated his work and liked his songs. As he started his career at a very young age, new generation take lots of inspiration from him. He decided to enter this industry even after having a serious syndrome and has managed to impress a lot of audience till now. Many people have a question about his net worth, so let’s answer that question for them.

Ab Soul Net Worth

Though he has produced some fantastic albums and has managed to attract lots of eyes, yet he has been unable to fetch lots of money for his living. If you compare his net worth with all the other members of the hip hop group Black Hippy, he ranks at no. 3 because Kendrick Lamar has a net worth of somewhere around $11.3 million, Schoolboy Q is also having a net worth of around $2 million, but Ab-soul has a net worth of just $1.3 million.

This is very sad that a person who created the group has a very less net worth. He isn’t over yet, he will compete and make a great comeback for sure. He is the one whose album was nominated for Album of the year. So, this rapper wouldn’t sit back and eat, he will try to make as much money as possible and you never know you may get to see him crossing his partners in terms of net worth values.

Though most of the rappers have a habit of living a lavish lifestyle but Ab-soul is not the same. As he is having a net worth which is very low, he spends the money according to his needs. He might look like living a lavish lifestyle from his dressing styles but that is not true. You can yourself examine that this star hasn’t bought a car; at least we haven’t found any report regarding the same so we can say that he doesn’t own any car.

The car that he drives or rides might be gifted by some of his close friends or might be in installments, which is why there isn’t any car listed on his name. There isn’t any property listed on his name either. We went through every kind of report available, but we were unable to find any kind of proof that could suggest us that he owns a property somewhere around the world. Owning any other luxurious item with such a small net worth becomes really difficult hence he hasn’t bought any luxurious items yet.

He worked in four chartbuster albums named as.

• Longterm Mentality
• Control System
• These Days…
• Do What Thou Wilt

He also sang some singles named below.

• You’re gone with JMSN in the year 2013.
• Dub Sac, Tree of Life, Stigmata, and Hunnid Stax in the year 2014.
• Huey Knew and Braille in the year 2016 from his album Do What Thou Wilt

These were his singles and albums, in spite of these he has also worked as a featured artist for various other songs.

• Druggy’s wit Hoes Again in 2011 with Schoolboy Q.
• Riddims with Jesse Medina.
• Champagne Water with Nikki Jean
• 2morrow with Kevo Hendricks and Kenhood
• Illest Nigga Ever with Kush Kelz
• Good shit with Nightlife

So this was everything about your favourite rapper Ab-Soul. He is going good and we think that he add a good amount of money to his net worth in the future.