A1 Bentley Net Worth 2019

Who is A1 Bentley and what is his net worth 2019? A1 Bentley (real name- Floyd Bentley) is an America Rapper. A1 Bentley was born on July 6, 1987 in Kansas City and he is now recognised as a famous America Rapper. He is also a producer who has teamed up with few of the major names in hip-hop field, including Tyga, Drake, and Big Sean. He is even recognised for his performances on the Vh1 reality show entitled Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Early Life

A1 Bentley was initially recognised by his real name as Floyd Bentley but after getting elder on the rough side of Kansas City, he got his professional name as A1 Bentley. This rapper was brought up in Kansas, Missouri who initially accomplished to rise up and make it to fund college fees. A1 Bentley played basketball for around three years, but comprehended that his true ambition is in singing and music business. Initially he was having nothing more than $800 and a heart filled of passion, he packed up and went for Los Angeles to attempt and flourish it in the music business. He was actually homeless, for some time, before a chance met him with well-known producer named Raphael Saadiq who turned everything around.

A1 Bentley Net Worth

A1 Bentley composed and produced almost half of Chris Brown’s OHB mixtape, comprising the hit single entitled “Grass Ain’t Greener.” A song that made the album go classic was entitled “Wrist” under production of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star named Floyd “A1” Bentley. It helped him draw few of its most heated attention among audience and fans. It’s too worth noticing that “Wrist” presents song writing assistance’s from both A1 as well as his now-fiancee named Lyrica Anderson.

Actually since year 2012, A1 Bentley has served together with few of the biggest names in R&B and hip-hop business. Through them, he had obtained some of them to work with him, too. “Lost At Home,” from “Never Ever Always” mixtape by A1 Bentley, presents Drake, and stays as one of his most prevalent tracks till date.

Now after several years, it is great to see this reality star gain recognition for the continuous hard work he’s been putting in since last many years. This Kansas City native implemented basketball and music business to stay out of trouble and it’s now repaying off. Apart from music, A1 Bentley wasn’t too bad on the basketball games and similar to fellow VH1 reality star named DJ Duffey, A1 Bentley played college basketball matches.

A1 Bentley got married to singer Lyrica Anderson recently after being in relationship with her.

Education: A1 Bentley completed college level education from a college in Kansas City and at the early stage he played college level basketball matches for period of 3 years. After these 3 years, A1 Bentley appreciated his passion for music and recording.

Net Worth of A1 Bentley

The estimated total net worth of A1 Bentley is around $2.3 million. The total net worth and remunerations of A1 Bentley have been made from his hip hop recording business, his recording business, singing, his brand endorsements, business deals, etc.

A1 Bentley owns a sufficiently spaced house located in Kansas, Missouri. A very little information is yet revealed of A1 Bentley’s cars.

Floyd Bentley also recognised under the moniker A1 Bentley name is co-CEO of Right Now Sound, apart from being a music producer and also rapper. Recently, he turned out as a reality show star when he teamed up with the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for its season 3. A1 Bentley wrote two of Trey Songz albums, namely Passion, Pain & Pleasure and Trigger.

Caren offered Bentley the prospect to work with many artists comprising Drake, Trey Songz, Big Sean and Tyga.

Today, A1 Bentley is a well-known rapper as well as music producer having attained successful position through his talents. A1 Bentley works with few of the biggest names in the industry, such as Tyga, Chris Brown, and Drake.