22 Savage Net Worth 2019

Who is 22 Savage and what is his net worth 2019? MacArthur Johnson or 22 Savage is a new rapping sensation who was born on October 8th, 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His way of rapping and his style is almost similar to rapper 21 savage. In past, 22 savage was having names like Mighty Mike and girlhefunny and he worked as a comedian. His few songs have brought a sensation in rapping world and everyone is attracted to his kind of rapping.

Many people think of him as he copies 21 savage, other think that he is an original property. He definitely imitates 21 savage as he is thinking to launch a mix tape album named Savage Mode which is the name of hit album of 21 savage. He is new to this industry and has gathered lots of eyes on his Youtube channel as well.

22 Savage Net Worth

With the kind of speed he is moving, it doesn’t matter whether he is copying someone or not, but he is making a good amount of money for himself. As he is very young, he is acting as an inspiration for a few people who also want to be an out of the box rapper. Many of the people want to know about his total earnings till now, so let’s just not waste more time and continue to dig more information about his life.

Net Worth of 22 Savage

22 Savage has just recently joined the industry and was just a comedian before. As a comedian too, he hadn’t got any kind of success thus he turned his face to rapping. Many of the people think that he is copying Savage 21. This is because his dressing sense and his voice quality are just as same as Savage 21. This rapper has managed to earn huge amount of appreciation as well and thus he has managed to earn a net worth of around $250 thousand for himself. For any personality who has just joined the industry, this amount is not very bad.

This star do have a lot of talent in him and he wouldn’t waste much time and will definitely make a great impact on his net worth by releasing more chartbuster songs or even albums as he suggested. Let him work for another 5 years, he will definitely take this net worth into millions for sure as if survives in this industry for another couple of years, he will mark his name in the industry for sure like all the big rappers did.

We all know that houses and properties have become so expensive now that a normal people can’t even think about buying a lavish house sometime in his life. But we are telling you that if this star survives for another 5 years in this industry, you will see a big lavish house against his name and a luxurious car standing in its garage. There isn’t any luxurious asset listed on his name either.

22 Savage has released a number of songs named below with a number of views currently at Youtube.

• Ain’t No 21, this song was released about 2 months back and has managed 5,189,283 views on Youtube.
• Jumpin, this song was released about 5 months back and has managed 3,788,971 views on Youtube.
• No Heart, this song was released around 4 months back and has managed 2,041,733 views on Youtube.
• Black Opps, this song was released 2 months back and gathered 2,050,870 views on Youtube.

These were the top songs of 22 Savage that managed to attract lots of eyes for him and thus he has managed to make lots of fans all around the world as well.

Overall this was everything that one can get to know about 22 Savage. All we know is, if he stays in this industry and makes rapping as his career, he will surely make into the big names soon.