Steven Mnuchin Net Worth

Who is Steven Mnuchin and what is his net worth 2018? 77th US Treasury Secretary nominated by present president Donald Trump, executive producer of many famous and hit Hollywood films and a hedge fund manager Steven Mnuchin joined Trump in year 2016.

Steven is an art lover he has art show gallery named The Mnuchin Gallery in New York City. Steven had also worked at Yale Daily News as a publisher. That is remarkable Steven pass out from Yale University.Steven starts work at investment bank in the 1980 as a trainee when he was studying in University. Mnuchin started producing films in year 2004. Steven start with Republican National Committee in year 2016.

Steven Mnuchin Net Worth 2018-2019

Mnuchin’s net worth is nearly $500 million and recently he has additional income of around $70 million. That is noticeable Mnuchin is active in many fields such as Politics, Films, Hedge, Artwork and so on. Steven has luxurious art, movie rights, and some stakes of several hedge funds. Mnuchin is also active in some property which are in controversy and charged of illegal activity.Steven has million dollars investments in hedge funds.

Steven Mnuchin was born on 21 December in year 1962. Robert E. Manuchin his father is a former banker and an art dealer, and his mother is Elaine Cooper, they have five children and Steven is second younger. Steven pass his childhood in New York city. Steven got bachelor degree from Yale University in year 1985 during his studies he also worked at Yale daily news as news publisher. As he graduate, he start work at Goldman Sache in Mortgage Securities Department. In year 1994 Manuchin became partner of Goldman till 2002 he leaves the company.

In year 2002 Steven worked as vice-chairman of hedge fund ESL Investments for shortly time period. The interesting point is that fund run by his roommate Edward Lampert. Manuchin had also worked for Dune Capital Management hedge fund in 2004 as the CEO of the company. During his time firm has invested in two hotel project of Donald Trump. Manuchin had also served at OneWest Bank. He involved in politics by donating the parties and now he is 77th Treasury Secretary of US.

Steven Mnuchin married Heather Crosby in year 1999 she was his second wife, they had three children. Heather Mnuchin is from philanthropy background. Steven and Heather divorced in 2014. Steven recently married actress Louise Linton.

Steven’s career started as a news publisher at Yale daily news then he got job at Goldman sache in former mortgage and security department. Steven became the partner of that company in year 2002, which was amazing that is remarkable his father was worked at Goldman from many months and he got job there after his father left that company. Steven became News publisher, Mortgage security officer, Hedge fund manager, Film producer, Vice President, CEO in his lifetime career and in February 2017 Steven became 77th treasury secretary. Steven’s political background involved providing funds and donating money to political party.

Steven has been served as member of the development committee at Yale University-from where he graduate. The Junior Achievement award holder Steven Mnuchin is also a board member of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden as he loves art and nature.

Steven Mnuchin Net Worth

The net worth of Steven Manuchin is $500 million and include $70 million from other field. Then question comes across how did he made this much money? The answer is hidden in his career he was very successfully involved and active in many filed such as art, films, hedge funds, political. Steven had investing millions in many hit Hollywood films including Avatar.

When Trump announced Steven Manuchin as Treasury Secretary he resigned many professional post including Art museum trustee and board member of New York Hospital. He had donated $400 thousand to Republic political party and also donated $500 thousand to Art museum and Hospital.

Steven titled ‘world class financier & banker’ by President Trump. Steven had at post of Vice President and CEO. Manuchin is also executive film producer of Hollywood films.