Ron Paul Net Worth

Who is Ron Paul and what is his net worth 2018? Ron Paul 1935 is recognised as an American based author, former politician and physician. He served as U.S. Representative for 14th and 22nd congressional districts of Texas. He also signified 22nd congressional district during period of 1976 till 1977 as well as during 1979 till 1985. Later he signified 14th congressional district, encompassing Galveston during 1997 to 2013. Net worth of Ron Paul is gained mainly from his career as a politician, get more details below:

Birthplace of Ronald Paul is Pittsburgh. He is son of Howard Paul, the person who operated a small dairy firm, and Margaret Paul. He received Doctor of Medicine based degree from a university of medicine in year 1961, as well as finished his medical based internship in Detroit and also his position in gynecology and obstetrics in Pittsburgh. He worked as a flight physician in United States Air Force during 1963 till 1965 and later worked in United States Air National Guard during 1965 till 1968. He and his wife later shifted to Texas, the place where he started a private based practice in it.

Ron Paul Net Worth 2018-2019

When Paul was a medical resident during era of 1960s, he was greatly prejudiced by The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek. This led him to read additional publications made by Ludwig von Mises as well as Ayn Rand. He acquainted with economists namely Hans Sennholz as well as Murray Rothbard well, and also acclaims to them his curiosity in education of economics.

In year 1974, current Robert R. Casey conquered him for 22nd district. President named Gerald Ford afterwards chosen Casey to regulate Federal Maritime Commission. Moreover, Paul also won year 1976 based special election to vacant office after completing a surfeit. Paul faced loss in upcoming regular election against Democrat named Robert Gammage by lesser than 300 votes, but he won against Gammage in year 1978 based rematch.

Moreover, he was re-elected during 1980 as well as 1982. He worked in Congress for three diverse periods: initially during 1976 till 1977, after which he got win a special election, later from period 1979 till 1985, and lastly during 1997 till 2013.

It is known that while his first term, he established Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (briefly as FREE). This is essentially a non-profit based organisation devoted to endorsing principles of inadequate government as well as free-market based economics. He took resignation from Republican Party during year 1987 as well as started bid for presidency going on the Libertarian Party based ticket.

Moreover, his candidature was perceived as awkward as party’s support for freedom of choice on subject of abortions. Furthermore, Native American based activist named Russell Means, known as Paul’s competitor for nomination, highlighted that he was actually a pro-choice on issue of abortion.

Paul got married to Carol Wells since year 1957. The couple met in year 1952 when his wife asked Paul to become her escort during 16th birthday party. Pau, and Wells have five children together, who were christened Episcopalian. He and his wife presently lives in Lake Jackson, located in Texas.

Ron Paul Net worth

Ron Paul is by now acknowledged as an American based physician, former Republican congressman and author possessing net worth of $5.5 million. Moreover, his wealth is high as he is a U.S. (Republican) Presidential nominee for two times, and also a Libertarian Party nominee during year 1988.

He worked as U.S. Representative for 14th as well as 22nd congressional districts of Texas cording to political scientist named Keith Poole. It is known that Paul had the greatest conservative type voting record as compared to any associate of Congress during year 1937 to 2002.

Serving as U.S. Representative gave high fame and wealth to Ron Paul. He worked in political parties of US as part of his excellent political skills gained throughout his career till date.