Paul Manafort Net Worth

Paul Manafort is known as an American based lawyer, lobbyist as well as a political counsellor. He collaborated with presidential campaign team of Donald Trump in March of last year and worked as campaign executive from June till August of 2016. Moreover, he was formerly working as a counsellor to U.S. based presidential campaigns of Republicans Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, as well as Bob Dole. Net worth of Paul Manafort is gained from multiple careers listed above, get more details here:

Birthplace of Manafort is New Britain, located in Connecticut, born as son of Antoinette Marie and Paul J. Manafort, Sr. It is known that his grandfather was identified as an Italian based person who settled to U.S. and established a construction firm named “Manafort Brothers”. Moreover, his father functioned with US Army based combat engineers during World War II and he was mayor for New Britain during 1965 till 1971. He completed graduation in year 1971 attaining Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration as well as did graduation law school in year 1974 by attaining Juris Doctor based degree.

Paul Manafort Net Worth 2017-2018

During 1977 and 1980, Manafort worked to practice law with the organization of Sater, Vorys, Seymour as well as Pease in Washington, D.C. In year 1976, he served as delegate-hunt based coordinator for eight different states for President Ford Committee; moreover, the complete Ford delegate process was operated by James A. Baker III.

During year 1978 as well as 1980, he served as southern director for presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan, and also worked as assistant political executive at the Republican National Committee. After completion of Reagan’s voting in year 1980, he was elected as Associate Director of the Presidential Personnel Office in White House.

In year 1981, he was selected to the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, adding to his fame. Besides, he worked as consultant to the presidential campaigns of personality named George H. W. Bush in year 1988 and to Bob Dole in year 1996.

Last year, he joined a presidential campaign of Donald Trump to direct “delegate-corralling” efforts of Trump. Also, in June of last year, Trump essentially dismissed campaign manager named Corey Lewandowski and endorsed Manafort for that position. He attained control of the regular operations of that campaign and even extended $20 million budget, advertising, hiring decisions, and media policy.

Apart from this, in year 1980, he served as founding companion of Washington, D.C.-centred lobbying organization named Black, Manafort & Stone, with principals namely Charles R. Black Jr., as well as Roger J. Stone. It is known that after Peter G. Kelly was employed, the firm’s name altered to Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly (briefly as BMSK) in year 1984.

In the nest year, his firm-BMSK, contracted a $600,000 deal with Jonas Savimbi, known as a leader of Angolan rebel group named as UNITA. The goal was to renovate Savimbi’s image inside Washington as well as obtain financial support on the base of his matter of anti-communism.

How much is Paul Manafort Net worth in 2017

Paul Manafort is globally recognised as an American based lobbyist as well as a political consultant who possessing net worth of $35 million US dollars as of 2017. Recently, his income boosted as he worked as campaign director for presidential candidate named Donald Trump in last year.

Moreover, he has too served as a consultant for presidential campaigns of Republicans like Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and George H.W. Bush. You can say that his income is high as he acquired many pieces of real estate which actually worth a combined figure of $11 million during year 2006 till 2012. Since then he has taken more than seven home equities based loans of worth higher than $19 million.

Paul Manafort served mainly as political counsellor for presidential campaigns of many leading Presidents till ate. He worked as lobbyist in many lobbying organization and also served as lawyer in his career.