McCain Net Worth

Who is McCain and what is his net worth 2018? John McCain has been the United States senator since 1987. He was the Republican nominee in 2008. He has been in the military for almost 22 years and has received numerous awards. He has been in the long running political career and received many awards across the world. He won Silver Star medal, Bronze star medal, Purple Heart medal and much more. Let us see about his career, net worth and entire biography in this article.

McCain was born in Naval Air station in the Panama Canal Zone at Coco Sola on August 29, 1936. He has an elder sister and a younger brother. His father was the part of United States Navy admirals. His family relocated to many cities across the United States and he studied in more than 20 schools. Soon his family settled in Northern Virgina. There he completed his graduation in 1954. He married Carol Shepp in 1965. She was a great model from Philadelphia. He has two young children named Andrew and Douglas. After some years, he married Carol and the couple is blessed with a daughter named Sidney.

McCain Net Worth 2018-2019

He has started his career as a Naval Aviator. He has undergone the training for the Naval Aviator and worked hard to achieve the position. He joined a flight school and completed his studies in 1960. Soon he became the naval pilot for the ground attack aircraft. Unfortunately, two of his flight crashed in 1960’s due to his carelessness.

Although the flight crashed, he did not get any major injuries. With his consistent hard work, he became the good pilot and received the positive response from the officers. He was the chairman of Senate commerce committee in the year 1995 to 1997. He has been the Chairman of Senate Indian affairs committee from 2005 to 2007.

He has shot down Honai during Vietnam War; therefore, he spent five years in Vietnamese prisoner. Soon he was elected to Congress in the year 1982. Later, he was elected as the United States Senator in 1986. He was nominated for the president in 2010 but he did not get a deal. Nevertheless, he tried hard and again ran for the Republic nomination.

McCain has received numerous awards for his valuable performance. Time magazine has honoured him as one of the “Most Influential People in America”. He shared his profile in Courage Award. Following this achievement, he received The Eisenhower Leadership Prize by The Eisenhower Institute. In 2006, he was granted Vento Public Service Award by National Park Trust. In 2007, he received the wonderful award ‘Policymaker of the Year’ by world leadership Award.

This award is usually given to someone who has strongly influenced the major policy or legislation. The president Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia presented McCain the award “Order of National Hero”. The Kiev Patriarchate awarded McCain the Order of St. Vladimir. In August 2016, Petro Poroshenko presented McCain the Order of Liberty. Hashim Thaci, the president of Kosova awarded the Medal “Order I Lirisie”.

Apart from the awards, he has received numerous honorary degrees from the universities and colleges in the United States. He has been granted awards from numerous universities, including the Royal Military College of Canada, the University of Southern California, Northwest University, the University of Southern California, Colgate University, The Citadel and Wake Forest University.

McCain Net worth

McCain has earned his net worth through his hard work and persistence. He worked hard for the welfare of the people in the United States. He has an estimated net worth of about $25 million.

McCain is the great inspiration for the many today. Mccain has a severe brain tumor and has undergone treatment at Mayonclinic hospital in Pheonix. There is minute blood cot in his brain and was removed by the doctors successfully.