Karl Rove Net Worth

Who is Karl Rove and what is his net worth 2018? Karl Rove is a policy advisor and political consultant who is known for his ‘genius’ contributions in helping ‘George W. Bush’ to occupy the Oval Office. He was also an important part of Bush’s campaign for the seat of ‘Governor of Texas’. He served as ‘Deputy Chief of Staff’ under G W. Bush administration. He was also ‘Senior Adviser’ to the President of the United States of America himself. After leaving the White House in 2007, Karl worked as a political analyst for The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

Karl Christian Rove known as Karl Rove was born on 25 December 25, 1950, in Denver, Colorado. He has an older brother and three other siblings. He spent most of his childhood in Sparks, Nevada. Karl’s biological father went away when he was little. His mother Reba Louise married ‘Louis Claude Rove, Jr.’ Louis was a geologist and Karl got his name from him. Karl attended high school in Salt Lake City.

Karl Rove Net Worth 2018-2019

He was a very skilled debater; his skills encouraged him to run the election for class senator in his school. He won the election. He is an evil genius when it comes to straitening election campaigns. For his Senate election campaign, he rode a convertible inside the school right before his election speech, and to top that he had two attractive girls beside him. He studied Political Science major at the University of Utah before finally dropping out in 1971 to start his professional career.

Karl Rove has been married three times. He married his current wife Karen Johnson in 2012. The wedding took place in 2012 and was attended by former President of U.S. George W. Bush. Karl’s first marriage was held on July 10, 1976. He married his first wife, Valerie Mather Wainwright, in Houston, Texas. The couple got divorced in 1980. He then married Darby Tara Hickson in 1986. They have a son together named Andrew Madison Rove. The couple had a long marriage and finally got separated in 2009.

Karl Rove began his political career in 1968. He worked Wallace F. Bennett’s re-election campaign that year and eventually Wallace won the election. He took his first paid job in 1971. He was given the position of Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee. He was also heavily involved in Presidential Campaign for Richard Nixon in 1972.

Karl has campaigned for countless elections during his career. His most notable political contributions and campaigns were for George W. Bush. He was hired by Bush in 1977. He has been part of former President’s team ever since. He successfully took Bush to the White House and was dubbed as ‘The Architect’ by the man himself.

Karl Rove Net Worth

Karl Rove has been on the U.S. political scene for a long time. He has served in the White House at various positions and headed many departments during Bush administration. He has amassed an enormous amount of wealth during his career. Karl Rove has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Karl Rove contributed a lot to Bush becoming the President. He also had a direct mail business ‘Karl Rove & Co’, which he sold in 1991 to get a position of chief strategist for Bush’s presidential bid.