Jean Bertrand Aristide Net Worth

Jean Bertrand Aristide is a former President of Haiti. He was a Catholic priest of Salesian order before he entered politics. Aristide was elected as the President twice. He first became the President of Haiti in 1991 in country’s first democratic elections and was again elected in 2000. He was overthrown by a military coup de ’tat during both his terms. Even after his exile from the country, Aristide believed that he was still the legal and true President of Haiti. The estimated net worth of the Jean Bertrand Aristide is $850 million US dollars.

Jean Bertrand Aristide Biography

Jean Bertrand Aristide was born on July 15, 1953, in Port-Salut, Haiti. He was born to parents Joseph Aristide and Marie Solanges Aristide. His parents were farmers; it is the most common occupation in Haiti. Although, being poor his parents were educated. His father, Joseph died when he was only three months old.

Jean Bertrand Aristide Net Worth 2017-2018

His mother took him and his sister to Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Marie Solanges knew the value of education and being in capital city could give her children a better chance of getting one. Jean started primary school at the age of six.

In 1974, he graduated from the College Notre with a bachelor’s degree. He then went on a journey to study priesthood at Salesian Seminary in the Dominican Republic. Jean traveled to different countries and studied at several universities during his visits. He learned six different languages as a result of his travels.

He can speak Creole (native), French (national language), English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, and Italian. He became a priest in 1983 and set on a mission to serve the poor.

Jean Bertrand Aristide met Mildred Trouillot Aristide in 1992 at a lecture given by him. They got married on 20 January 1996, in the capital city Port-au-Prince. It was a simple marriage ceremony. The couple has two daughters named Christine Aristide and Michaelle Aristide.

Jean Bertrand Aristide began his career as a priest of Salesian order. He was radical in his speeches and spoke freely against the Haitian State. He particularly denounced the Duvalier family; it was a family of dictators who was ruling over Haiti since the late 50s. He was cautioned about his outspoken political views by Vatican and was stripped of his Priesthood in 1988.

He was banished from the Salesian order because of his radical teachings against the Haitian State. He survived many assassination attempts on his life during that time. In 1991, he became the first democratically elected President of the Haiti. However, his reign only lasted less than one year; he was ousted in a military coup on 30 September 1991. He was exiled from the country at that time.

His reign was reinstated in 1994 when the US invaded Haiti. Aristide stepped down as the President in 1996. He was again elected as the President in 2000. He soon faced a strong opposition to his rule. By the end of 2003, he was facing a full-scale rebellion. He was overthrown from power in 2004 and fled the country. He has been living in exile since then.

How much is Jean Bertrand Aristide Net Worth in 2017

Jean Bertrand Aristide is ranked among the richest politicians in the world. He was a Catholic priest who then turned to politics to help poor people get rid of the dictatorship in his country. He has served as the President of Haiti twice.

It is rumored that most of his wealth has come from the corruption during that period. Once called ‘Champion of People’ was later despised for being a corrupt leader and unworthy of running the state in 2004. Jean has an estimated net worth of $850 million US dollars as of 2017.

Jean Bertrand Aristide brought democracy in Haiti. He has helped a lot of poor people by building orphanages and by raising his voice against the dictatorship. Despite his good intentions, he had become a corrupt leader in his people’s eyes. They did not see him capable of running the country anymore.