Imran Khan Net Worth 2019

Who is Imran Khan and what is his net worth 2019? Imran Khan, a former cricketer and a great Pakistani politician by now known for his wealth and have the place in the list of richest politicians in Pakistan. Imran Khan Niazi was born in the Pashtun family in Lahore, West Punjab, Dominion of Pakistan in 25th of November 1952. This all rounder cricketer had made his debut on 3 June 1971 while playing against the England and before entering politics he played cricket for two decades representing the Pakistan.

Under his leadership, Pakistan won 77 One day innings, lost 57 ODIs under his leadership.political organisation PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAAF (PTI) He went to school in Aitchison, Worcester and graduated from University of Oxford in in politics, economics, and philosophy.

Imran Khan Net Worth

When it comes to his source of income, it is quite ambiguous as some say it comes from secret funds from the Zionist organisation and from his agriculture land as his income from Pakistani cricket was stopped like a decade ago when he retired from cricket. Currently, he is the active politician in Pakistan and is the leader of political organisation PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAAF (PTI) which is the third largest political party in Pakistan. Khan is also the author, published several articles on Asian and British cricketers. Let’s see how much this former cricketer has earned as Politician, author and former cricketer?

Net Worth of Imran Khan

The estimated net worth of this politician is $55 million. Though his sources of incomes are vague. His income comes from his business and agriculture lands and some even said that it is from the secret fund of the Zionist organisation. Being a leading politician of Pakistan’s third largest political party his net worth and annual salary can not be less than million.

In 2016, he bought Villa worth of $11 million in Pakistan. You can predict that his annual salary is not less than $5 million. Having strong background in economics and politics and former cricketer Imran Khan is become now the popular celebrity in Pakistan as well as worldwide. There are certain millions he made from his cricket career but it was nothing compared to the fortune he made after getting into politics. Let’s check out how this amazing cricketer and politician spends his money. Multi-million dollar house, car collection, private jet, private boat.

After being attacked three times by PML-N workers in Gujranwala on his caravan by gunshots, he decided to drive in bullet proof car along with other members of the political organisation (PTI)PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAAF. Moreover, he said his family was also present when his caravan encountered the attack. Though there are no details available about his fleet of cars. But Opposition leader and PTI Chairman Imran Khan spotted in his Toyota Land cruiser Prado which is after being bulletproofed, priced around 1.5 crores INR, along with beautiful wife Reham Khan.

The only son of Ikramullah Khan Niazi (father, civil engineer) and mother Shaukat Khanum, Imran made his career in cricket and later in politics. He grew up he grew up with his four sisters. Even his cousins Majid Khan, andn Javed Burki were both great cricketers. When it comes to relationship He married Jemima Goldsmith, with whom he has two sons, Suleiman & Qasim. But it was not last longer as it ended up with divorce. In January 2015, he married British-Pakistani journalist, Reham Khan, but the couple intended to file a divorce on October 22, 2015. You can say his love is inspired.

Former cricket player Imran khan is currently active politician in Pakistan and leader of Pakistani’s third largest political party PTI. He is also involved in some business and his source of annual income involves his agriculture lands and his business.

Imran khan, a former cricketer, now writer and politician have made his career in politics after being retired from cricket. This old man is still unstoppable as leading the Pakistan’s 3rd largest political party.