Bruce Rauner Net Worth 2018

Who is Bruce Rauner and what is his net worth 2018? Bruce Rauner is the governor of Illinois, a businessman and a politician. Along with that, he was the co-founder of GTCR LLC, a private equity firm that focuses on growth capital and other related functions, and another firm, R8 Capital Partners and it focuses on pretty much same functions as GTCR LLC.

Early Life

Bruce Vincent Rauner was born on February 18, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America. His father, Vincent Joseph Rauner was an automobile businessman, he was Motorola’s Inc senior vice president and lawyer but he died in 1997. His mother, Ann Erickson, she was a nurse but she also died in 2011. Bruce grew in, Deerfield, Illinois, he has a B.A in economics from Dartmouth College and MBA from Harvard University.

Bruce Rauner Net Worth

Bruce Rauner first marriage was in 1980 to Beth Konker Wessel and they are the parents of 2 daughters and 1 son, Elizabeth, Stephanie and Eric. In 1990, rumours say that Bruce was cheating on his wife with Diana Mendley, so Beth and Bruce separated and got divorced in 1993. After 1 year of his divorce, in 1994, Bruce and Diana got married and they are still together now. Bruce and Diana also got 3 children, 2 daughters, Katherine, Margaret and 1 son, Matthew. The family is living in Winnetka, Illinois.

After Bruce’s graduation from Harvard, in 1981, he co-founded GTCR LLC along with Stanley Golder, Carl Thoma and Bryan Cressey, It was a small company at the start but then it went up in earnings and profits. At the end of 2012 Bruce decided to retire from business. After that, Bruce opened R8 Capital Partners and it focuses on helping small companies to grow by financing them.

Bruce Rauner worked for some time as Chicago Mayor’s, Rahm Israel Emanuel adviser. In 2013, Bruce announced that he will be running for governor, during the election period, he faced many problems including media’s pushing, but in 2014, he won the election and became the governor of Illinois. Bruce said that he wants to be the governor for 2 terms, which is 8 years, and he confirmed that he will be running for his second period in 2018.

Net Worth of Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner co-founded a financing and investment firm called GTCR LLC, and after it he opened another company office to help in financing small companies calling it R8 Capital Partners. During his period with GTCR LLC, they firm invested in more than 200 small companies with billions of US dollars. With R8 Capital Partners, he helped small companies that are only in Illinois with a maximum of $15 million.

In 2015, Bruce had more than $180 million in earnings and his weekly earning was around $3 million. During his campaign for governor, he spent more than $65 million, $26 million were from his own money and the rest was from other people and friends helping him including the CEO of the global financial institution Citadel, and the American investor, Kenneth Griffin. Bruce Rauner yearly salary as the governor of Illinois is around $170 thousand, his net worth is around $1 billion and most of it is from his business work.

Bruce Rauner is a successful republican, politician and businessman, and he is currently the governor of Illinois. He has an MBA from Harvard University and he helped many small companies to grow. Bruce Rauner is living with his family in the Illinois Executive Mansion and they all seem happy.