Barack Obama Net Worth

Who is Barack Obama? What is net worth of Barack Obama? Barack Obama was born as Barack Hussein Obama II. He is an American politician and he was the 44th President of United States of America. He was born in the year 1961. Barack had a troubled family life. His father left his family and his mother married the second time. His parents got divorced when he was just 2 years old. He had to move from one place to another. He spent his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia. Barack Obama was not a brilliant student when he was young. He accepted the fact that he was an alcoholic and he also did drugs.

However later in his life, he started reading a lot about Political and International Affairs. He went to Harvard Law School. His life was back on track. Little did he knew that he would become the President of United States of America. He is a very humble man. He got married to Michelle Robinson after he met her at Harvard Law School. They have beautiful daughters and they are happily married.

Barack Obama Net Worth 2017-2018

Education: Barack Obama’s life before presidency is very interesting. Obama had a troubled family. His father left and his mother married the second time. Obama was brought up as an Indonesian child, a black child and a Hawaiian child because he lived in Hawaii then they shifted to Indonesia after his mother married an Indonesian man. He likes the fact that he got to experience multiple cultures throughout his life.

Obama did come under the influence of drugs in his early life. He admitted that he used to do drugs and was not a brilliant child. He went to Occidental College and read a lot about international and political affairs. He then worked with Business International Group after getting his degree. He worked as a researcher. He went to Harvard Law School where he met his soulmate Michelle. After 4 years of being in a relationship, he married her and they are still going strong.

Barack Obama Net Worth

Barack Obama’s Net worth is $12.5 million US dollars as of 2017 and he has done really well in his life. He has worked very hard to get the success that he has today. Michelle and Barack have donated money to almost 30 charities. The amount they have donated is approximately $64,066. Obama had signed a multi book deal with the famous Random House. He made earnings from signing that deal as well. Barack Obama has written some amazing books and he gets the royalties from his published books. Like a good citizen, he did pay his taxes and all the money he has earned is due to sheer hard work and dedication.

Barack Obama Assets

Barack Obama has shifted to a new home and it is nothing like the White House but it surely is very beautiful. Barack Obama has shifted to Northwest Washington. The new home has 9 bedrooms and it is very tasteful. It was built in the year 1928 and it is a very classy home indeed. The area of this home is 8,200 sq.ft. The formal garden and the lovely terrace makes this home very warm and lovely for a family. The streets are tree lined and the neighborhood is called Kalorama. There is a warm fireplace in the house and there is room for a swimming pool in the lawn. It is surely a lovely home but it is definitely not the White House. He plans to stay in Washington till his daughter finishes high school.

Recently, the lawmakers of Illinois declined to pass the Obama Day bill. The bill said that on Obama’s birthday, one should declare a holiday. A bill was supposed to be passed to make his birthday Obama Day and declare it as holiday. The bill did not get passed because of 6 less votes. The lawmakers said that closing down buildings on every August 4 would be a big loss. However there is still hope that the Obama Day bill will be presented again and we shall celebrate his birthday with him by getting a holiday.

Barack Obama has thought of becoming a Venture Capitalist as his future plan. There is news that he would be glad if he can address the social issues that he believes in. He might return to the community activist work that he believed in during the presidency tenure. He has not left Washington because he and his wife are waiting for his daughter to finish high school. We seldom see big personalities being so humble and good. Barack Obama is one of a kind and he has won billions of hearts.

Obama is indeed a well known and much loved personality. When he was the President, he did bring about a change and people loved him a lot. We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors. He is an educated and well read man and we are waiting for more of his books. Hopefully we can see more personalities like Barack Obama as the future president. Barack Obama was surely one of the best presidents United States of America has ever had. He will continue to bring about small changes in the society through his presence. We are very sure of that! May he always succeed in whatever he does.